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WSJ Scribblers Attack Builder Of Towers

Saturday’s Wall Street Journal continued its relentless attack on Donald Trump. Has a major newspaper that claimed to be a voice of business and conservatism, ever been so obsessed with destroying a Republican front-runner and business-man in a primary campaign? The latest pen to drip vitriol on Trump’s reputation is that of Holman W. Jenkins Jr., a regular contributor to […]

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Trump Derangement Syndrome

“Disturbed, unsettled, disordered, slightly insane” is how my old dictionary defines ‘derangement’. “Concurrence, aggregate of symptoms characteristic of any disease”, is how my dictionary defines ‘syndrome’. Surely the title of this article describes the furore (great excitement, a craze, a rage) affecting so many Media people, political commentators and Establishment Republicans on the subject of Donald Trump’s leading position in […]

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Scalia’s Death Too Convenient?

On this website we stay clear of wild conspiracy theories, though as we now live in Revolutionary times, conspiracies and violence in politics are not beyond possibility. Certainly Antonin Scalia’s sudden death at the weekend was very convenient for our Ruling Class and the powerful forces of its Far Left allies. First let us acknowledge that Scalia was elderly and […]

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Trump Takes On The Media Class

It is surely beyond dispute that the 2015/16 Republican primary contest is unlike any other in living memory for the early ferocity, intensity and blatant Media bias it has generated. Clearly, something big and different is at work. In contrast, the Democrat primary contest, a series of public meetings and TV debates in which the main contender is protected from […]

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The Democrats and Totalitarianism

Regular website visitors will be aware that we constantly warn that America’s government has been captured by a coalition with a Revolutionary agenda. The coalition consists of the Ruling Media Class, whose power lies in its wealth and ownership of the Mainstream Media; and the Far Left with its power base in Academia and the Unionized Public Service bureaucracy. To […]

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A Conservative Agenda for Unity

This website frequently appeals for unity between Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. We recognize that Conservatism, Christianity and Nationalism are not identical as philosophies but there is great overlapping in terms of principles and adherents. Much could be written and debated here about the overlaps and the differences, the commonalities and the divergences, but the one thing they all share is […]

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