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Brexit Poll This Week

On 23rd of this month (next Thursday), the citizens of the UK (and probably many thousands of non-citizens!) will cast ballots to decide whether the British Nation State survives or is finally absorbed into the German-dominated European Union. Many broad-Right Americans correctly view the coming November election as the USA’s last chance to halt the march to totalitarian Socialism and […]

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Donald Trump. An Open Letter To Erick

It is always encouraging when someone from out there in the USA sends a supportive email to this website. So thanks, Erick, wherever you are. Presumably you share our view that America is now ruled by the Media Class in partnership with the Far Left, and that as a consequence we are suffering an incremental but very real Revolution. Hopefully, […]

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Trump Versus Ryan. Heavyweight versus Lightweight

The bland official statement issued today following the meeting on ‘neutral’ territory between Trump, Ryan and Priebus, was most likely intended to provide Ryan with a face-saving retreat. Those of us who support Trump because he has never been a member of the double-talking Republican hierarchy, will be disappointed that he stooped to meet with Ryan. It would have been […]

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