Amtrak and Oklahoma Tragedies

On Saturday 24th October, around 10am, Adacia Avery Chambers drove her car into a crowd killing 4 people, including a 2 year old child. More than 50 people were injured, many seriously. This tragedy took place in Stillwater and the victims were local people, as was the car driver.

From the Media reports it seems unlikely that Chambers, a 25 year old with a boyfriend and parents living locally, deliberately drove into the crowd. Nevertheless, she was arrested, tested for intoxication and has now been charged with 2nd-degree murder charges. She remains in jail at this time.

Although a police spokesman told the Media that Chambers was suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, at this time no test results have been reported. Chambers attorney is claiming that she may be mentally ill. She remains imprisoned.

We offer no criticism of the Authorities, who seem to be following normal procedures for this kind of deadly incident.. It is possible that Chambers’ car malfunctioned, or she suffered a blackout, but on the face of the obvious facts she was in some way grossly irresponsible. She may have been speeding, distracted by a cell phone, smoking or otherwise inattentive and as a result 4 people died.

We make no apology for comparing and contrasting the official response here with the official response to the Amtrak crash which killed 8 people and injured hundreds of commuters on October 5th outside of Philadelphia. Something smells here and we continue to bring it to your attention. We wrote about this deadly incident on May 14th, May 17th and October 5th.

To date there has been no official news release unless the MSM is attempting to bury this event and not reporting it. The engineer in sole charge of the train, Brandon Bostian, has not been charged with any crime, even though he drove the train into a bend at a speed of 105 mph when the official limit was 50mph.

Bostian, like Chambers, quickly acquired an attorney and claimed to have no memory of the crash. He remains free and the MSM has no interest in his current activities. We assume that he is not driving a train but is he still employed by Amtrak, is he on sick leave or has he resigned and found other work? Why has there been no official report detailing the results of a blood test (if one was taken at the scene of the accident), and whether the excessive speed was the result of a malfunction of the train, reckless driving or a suicide attempt?

Unlike Miss Chambers, Bostian is a Union member. He was also ‘outed’ on the Internet as an active homosexual who was posting disgusting pictures of himself on homosexual websites. Either of these facts might explain why he has been receiving very different and more favorable treatment than Miss Chambers. Homosexuals in our new Obama post-Revolutionary America are above women and Blacks in the list of protected groups. The MSM will do all it can to protect Mr. Bostian from negative publicity and the consequences of the Amtrak crash.

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