Trump Derangement Syndrome

“Disturbed, unsettled, disordered, slightly insane” is how my old dictionary defines ‘derangement’. “Concurrence, aggregate of symptoms characteristic of any disease”, is how my dictionary defines ‘syndrome’. Surely the title of this article describes the furore (great excitement, a craze, a rage) affecting so many Media people, political commentators and Establishment Republicans on the subject of Donald Trump’s leading position in the real polls and opinion polls.

Has there ever been anything like this furore in previous primaries? Almost certainly not! But, although few of our website visitors truly believe the American people are caught up in a Revolution – that is the reality. Because there are no barricades on the streets, no workers wearing bandanas and shooting guns, no noise of battle and no radio proclamations of liberation – the poster-picture of Revolutions – all too many otherwise smart people fail to recognize a Revolution, even when it is dramatically changing their lives (for worse) and the society around them.

In truth, Obama more or less announced this Revolution back in 2008 when he promised “change” and “a transformation of America”. It was probably one of his little psychopathic conceits when he announced what he, his masters and comrades were going to do, and his intended victims assumed he was using just ‘talking big’. He is probably still chuckling over his mastery and deception of White Christian America, as his Regime imposes punishments on opponents of the grotesque same-sex marriage, persecutes opponents with the IRS, lauds rioters and looters in the White House, purges the military of good men, imports Islamic Imperialists, drives Christians from the public square, bankrupts the Nation with international redistribution of wealth, and much, much more that is ‘change’ and ‘transformation’.

With the connivance of the Media Class propaganda machine -popularly known as the Mainstream Media (MSM) – the Revolution is being achieved by stealth. The diligent American people are trapped like frogs on the boil, as they become overwhelmed by an invasion across open borders, intimidated by an oppressive and vindictive Government machine led by the DOJ, submit to their children being indoctrinated, and their free speech criminalized by increments. America’s colleges have become Komsomols, and if you don’t know what they were in the old Soviet Union, you need to learn some history!

Despite the stealth and the skill of the MSM, a Revolution, like an omelet, cannot be made without breaking some eggshells. It seems enough have been broken to agitate the roosters. To put it another way, the frogs are getting uncomfortably hot in the saucepan. The rank and file of the Republican Party, along with some who had given up on politics, and even some White Democrat workers, are aroused and angry. And Donald Trump, an unlikely Counter-revolutionary, has given them a voice, hope, energy and leadership.

Trump’s spontaneous appeal, and the attraction for workers of his ‘movement’, is based primarily on his un-ambivalent promises to (1) close the borders, (2) send back illegals, (3) halt the export of jobs and bring American companies back to America, (4) honor patriots, (5) reverse Obama’s Muslim invasion, (6) rebuild the military, (7) go to war only in the clear interests of America, and (8) make America great again.

All of these rational proposals are deemed by opponents as ‘nationalistic’ . They are also Counter-revolutionary because America’s Revolution is Internationalist as a consequence it being a coalition of International Big Business and International Socialists. It is Trump’s popular Nationalism that has deranged with fear and hysteria the WSJ editors, many in the Republican elite and the Far Left. As we wrote yesterday, some fear -or claim to fear – the revival of proud Nation States and a return to racial homogeneity and jack-boots patrolling the streets. In reality, Trump and his followers are further from Nazism and Fascism than any of today‘s intolerant Far Leftists, Campus book-burners, Black Lives Matter thugs, violent Government Union officials and Big Businessmen who cozy with Government and politicians.

But there is more to the furore, and though less explicit, it is just as powerful an element of Trump’s appeal. His refusal to be intimidated by the MSM, his doubling down when they attack him, his use of non PC language and his willingness to open up topics long suppressed, all these have convinced the Revolutionaries and their Republican collaborators and captives that he represents a Counter-revolution broader than just Nationalist economics.

Trump’s followers may not be prioritizing the reversal of SSM laws, restricting abortion, ending race preferences, reviving free speech, abolishing gender ‘choice’, introducing school vouchers, bringing back the Confederate Flag, putting Christianity back in the public square, restoring the Constitution, restricting the political powers of the Courts, and ending taxpayer money for Leftist organizations – but such things inevitably demand action in the process of restoring a Nation to greatness.

And so we see here why this primary contest, which Trump’s entry has recast as a contest between Nationalism and an Internationalist Ruling Class consolidating its stealthy Revolution, is unlike all previous contests, and yet fitting for the times. We see why Evangelicals and other moralists are backing Trump, for they see that he and his followers, alone among the Republican contestants, might turn the clock back to a time of sanity. And we see why his victories are causing a derangement syndrome for those who are feeding on America’s carcass.


  1. The Trump phenomenon is a result of twentieth century Orwellian political correctness. The populist nature of Trump’s political appeal cuts across conventional political boundaries. Americans of all classes do not appreciate being punished for viewpoints. While there may be “protected classes”, everyone today is under attack for any viewpoint that offends anyone. This has become absurd and disturbing to say the least. Trump’s fearless and free expression of his opinions, whether we agree with them or not, is truly liberating. All the other candidates are gutless or annoyingly politically calculating. On election day, millions of Americans from across the political spectrum will vote for Trump. Republicans need to sober up and get out of the way. Or be trampled.

  2. I think “Limbaugh Derangement Syndrome” is more likely. Limbaugh actually has far more personal issues than Trump, including his addiction to pain killers resulting in permanent hearing damage. So you might actually ask whether or not Limbaugh is being blackmailed because of something in HIS past. I have always thought that Limbaugh was pulling his punches when it came to the issue of the establishment, and especially of his use of the term “conservative”. Where was Limbaugh ten years ago when many of us were screaming about open borders? What took him so long to come around on that issue? While Rush was using National Review talking points back in the last days of the Bush administration, many of us had moved on to more pressing issues which he was apparently unaware of. The revolutionary nature of the MSM assault on our civilization was the 900 pound gorilla in the room which Limbaugh missed. And still misses. So it’s no surprise to me that Limbaugh would still be shilling for Rubio. I don’t listen to Rush that much anymore because there are other internet resources that are more informative and accurate. For all the good that Limbaugh has done over the years, he still remains firmly tethered to the Conservative, Inc. agenda. And that is a shame.

    For the record, I don’t believe Trump has any tax issues. The Obama administration is auditing his tax returns with a fine tooth comb. Until that audit is finished, Trump can do nothing. And, as Pat Buchanan reminded us, Romney’s foolish charges simply remind ordinary Americans that the IRS is a bully and a burden.

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