A Conservative Agenda for Unity

This website frequently appeals for unity between Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. We recognize that Conservatism, Christianity and Nationalism are not identical as philosophies but there is great overlapping in terms of principles and adherents. Much could be written and debated here about the overlaps and the differences, the commonalities and the divergences, but the one thing they all share is resistance to revolutionary change. All acknowledge and nourish their roots in the past; all require that their followers have knowledge of the past and are respectful of tradition; all view change with skepticism and believe that common sense based on experience be applied to all things.

We on this website call for unity because America (and the Western World) is suffering a political and moral Revolution, the consequences of which will be disastrous not only for Conservatism, Christianity and Nationalism, but for the ordinary people who go about their productive daily lives deferential to the Government they unwittingly labor for. Unfortunately this Revolution’s masterminds, who have become our Ruling Class, have concealed themselves and their allies in old clothing and are advancing their profoundly revolutionary agenda largely by stealth. Nevertheless, a Revolution is a Revolution and those who stand in its way, whether deliberately or unwittingly, are by definition, Counter-Revolutionaries.

On this website we maintain that Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists have been cast by events as Counter-Revolutionaries, whether or not they recognize the existence of the Revolution and whether or not they feel comfortable with the designation ‘Counter-Revolutionary’. This website understands the discomfort caused by its message. But we are not seeking popularity and advertisers. Instead we are committed to revealing the existence and evil revolutionary agenda of America’s new Ruling Class. Shoot the messenger is a natural reaction in the still-comfortable period immediately prior to disaster.

Make no mistake, the Revolution is relentlessly gathering pace! The Revolutionary Ruling Class and its allies are conquering, absorbing and subverting ever more American institutions. Their increased power is accompanied by increased confidence, boldness, ruthlessness, intolerance and impatience.  The attacks against Counter-Revolutionaries and traditions are becoming more naked and unremitting by the day.

Can any website visitor deny that Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists are reeling under multiple attacks at the hands of the Revolutionary Federal Government of Obama, his allies and their forces? Can anyone deny that traditional customs, traditional laws and traditional beliefs have been swept aside by anonymous decree? Almost overnight, the words ‘Christmas’ and ‘Easter’ have been removed from all public schools, replaced by the meaningless word ‘Holidays’, and their Christian content purged. Every major Business demands that staff wish customers ‘Happy Holiday’ and stores have eliminated everything Christian from Christmas decorations. All this and so much more with barely a protest! Or is it that protests get no MSM publicity and would-be protesters are fearful they will be purged from employment and worse?

This website is not a Christian or a Nationalist website but we believe that Conservatives can provide enough common ground for all three Counter-Revolutionary forces to unite on since 2016 provides what will be a last ballot box opportunity to stall the progress of the Revolution and begin its reversal.

It is vital that the Republicans retain control of the House and Senate in Washington, and continue domination of State legislatures. Too many Republican legislators are luke-warm Conservative at best, many more have proven unwilling to defend Christian institutions and some are willing to betray borders for personal gain, but Republican majorities provide better opportunities for Counter-Revolution than Democrat domination. The primaries are the time for Republican civil war but a closing of ranks, no matter how unpalatable, is tactically needed in the final election.

Obama’s (and Reagan’s) power in the White House has taught us that the modern-day Presidency owns the bully pulpit and offers a chance to by-pass the MSM and to mobilize and unite Americans across the Nation. Whilst we on the Right may have to tolerate RINOS in the legislatures, a Republican President must be committed to the basics that will unite and inspire all traditionalists. Just as the Revolutionary new Ruling Class applied litmus tests to the Democrat Party and Trade Union leaderships, so we on the Right must apply litmus tests to the aspiring Republican Presidential candidates.

We offer some Presidential litmus test issues here.

Absolute commitment to;

  1. The Constitution as it was written. This means a return to States’ Rights, absolute free speech, freedom of Religion, the citizens’ right to gun ownership and the disbandment of Federal Government Departments that have no Constitutional basis.
  2. All Federal and Supreme Court judges appointed must be true Constitutionalists.
  3. Absolute border protection using the military if necessary.
  4. A halt to immigration and no path to citizenship for illegals.
  5. The defining of marriage as between a man and a woman.
  6. Greatly restricted abortion.
  7. Death penalty to be a State’s issue decided by popular referendums
  8. The repeal of all ‘Hate Crime’ and ‘Hate Speech’ legislation so that all are treated equally under the Law.
  9. ‘Right to Work’ freedom from Union membership.
  10. Repeal of Obamacare and commitment to balanced Federal budgets.

Discussion and criticism welcomed!

Global Warming Watch

Here in middle California with almost two weeks of May completed it appears that modern records for cold May temperatures may be broken. South Dakota has had near-record late-Spring snow. There is still no evidence of rising sea levels in the English Channel where we monitor at Starcross on the Exe Estuary.

Music Choice

Dick Morrissey (1940-2000) was a British jazz tenor saxophone player who had the misfortune to arrive on the music scene just when British popular music and jazz were in rapid decline. The early death of the outstanding sax player Tubby Hayes left Morrissey the undisputed master in the UK. Unfortunately Morrissey was a victim of several types of cancer and he spent his last years playing from a wheelchair.

In 1983 he teamed up with pianist John Critchinson, bass player Ron Mathewson, Drummer Martin Drew and trumpeter Barry Whitworth to record the album “After Dark”. Guitarist Jim Mullen was a guest on 4 tracks but was not on our choice of “Change Partners”.

This timeless masterpiece was written by Irving Berlin in 1938 for a film featuring Fred Astaire, who sang it in the film. The definitive vocal recording was made by Frank Sinatra with Carlos Jobim (gtr) in 1967.

Morrissey gave the melody a jazz treatment and a fast tempo and surely no-one could have played it better. It is not his superb technique which makes this version a stand-out but Morrissey’s sheer energy and joyfulness. Here you can share the experience of a musician who has no limits to his technique, self expression and instant composition. Enjoy and be liberated!

A website visitor has recommended Mozart-String Quintet no. 4 in G minor K516. Enjoy and relax!

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