• We the People

    Trump And Clinton Tied in LA Daily Tracking Poll

    Today’s LA Tracking Poll claims the two candidates are virtually tied with Clinton holding the tiniest of leads of .02. As we have previously written, this poll has shown none […]

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  • TV Guide Car 54

    Cultural Rot In The Western World

    We probably alienate many website visitors when we dismiss famous Pop singers as ‘warblers’ and Rock musicians as ‘strummers’. But we try to tell it as we see it. In […]

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  • ClintonvTrumpLATIMES

    Trump Leads In Latest Poll

    On this website we have repeatedly alleged that the Opinion Polls are being deliberately skewed to boost Clinton support and demoralize and depress Trump support. One exception we have noted […]

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  • Obama+Clintons

    Democrat Sociopaths Come In Several Sizes

    The violent attacks on Trump supporters in Minneapolis are predictably hidden from the public by the Mainstream Media. This is not surprising, given that elitists in the Republican Party like […]

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  • Louisiana Flooding

    President Trump Flies In To Baton Rouge

    As Obama begins an early weekend of relaxation on the manicured links of Martha‘s Vineyard, and an easily-exhausted Hillary Clinton has need of recuperation, Donald Trump interrupted a hectic campaign […]

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  • Trump vs. Media Cartoon

    Trump And Clinton Tied

    The Los Angeles Times daily poll has Trump and Clinton statistically tied this morning with Clinton holding a .6% lead. This poll, though funded by a Far Left newspaper, is […]

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  • Trump2

    Mr. Trump Goes to Milwaukee

    Our last two articles have concentrated on the rioting by Blacks in Milwaukee and the Mainstream Media’s attempt to both omit it from the news, and offer excuses for it […]

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