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Jill Stein – The Extremist

In yesterday’s article I wrote that the Green Movement had shown surprising stamina and durability in Europe and America. I intended to amplify that comment. But I was distracted by other aspects of the people who represent the ‘Greens’, and failed to dig deeper into this fringe movement. I concentrated on the vegetarians, peace-mongers, emotionally dysfunctional, doom-mongers, and I should […]

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USA at the Cross Roads In 8 Days

All American Presidential elections are billed as historic in their consequences, but for once this is true. On November 8 the political, cultural and moral divisions of the people will be exposed as never before, and either the Nation will pull back from the brink of disaster or confirm in office a regime determined to sever all links with its […]

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Donald Trump. The Man And the MSM Caricature

A caricature is ‘a representation of a person exaggerating characteristic traits in a ludicrous way’. The attacks on Donald Trump, sought out, purchased, assembled, re-arranged, embellished, packaged, disfigured, amplified, supplemented, orchestrated and delivered hourly by the Mainstream Media, transmit almost nothing about his activities and actions, and project a character with little resemblance to the flesh and blood man. Honest […]

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Donald Trump. An Open Letter To Erick

It is always encouraging when someone from out there in the USA sends a supportive email to this website. So thanks, Erick, wherever you are. Presumably you share our view that America is now ruled by the Media Class in partnership with the Far Left, and that as a consequence we are suffering an incremental but very real Revolution. Hopefully, […]

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