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Trump Presidency Will Herald America’s Counter-Revolution

The small word ‘will’ in the title is a recognition that President-elect Donald Trump is not yet in office. Regular website visitors will know that as Conservatives, we have great respect for old sayings and one of them is “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”. Trump is not yet in the White House, and although in all previous […]

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Donald Trump. An Open Letter To Erick

It is always encouraging when someone from out there in the USA sends a supportive email to this website. So thanks, Erick, wherever you are. Presumably you share our view that America is now ruled by the Media Class in partnership with the Far Left, and that as a consequence we are suffering an incremental but very real Revolution. Hopefully, […]

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Islamic Imperialism, Barbarity And Intolerance

Here in the USA we have a President, his Cabinet and Administration intent on importing as many young Muslims into the USA and planting them in cadres in every State and city. Before he leaves office America will be host to a network of Trojan Horse Muslim strongholds. On this website we have written many times about Obama’s motivation and […]

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Nationalism Is Marching Across America

Ted Cruz’s withdrawal last night, after his rout in Indiana, signaled to all clear-thinking Right-wingers the surrender of the Republican banner to Donald Trump and his Nationalist army. For those Conservative ‘purists’, and those Talk Show hosts who backed the wrong horse and still clung to the ‘contested Convention’ dream, the latest news that John Kasich is withdrawing, is the […]

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Pitchers, Transvestites And The Media Class

The recent sacking of sports analyst and reporter Curt Schilling for his website criticism of cross-dressers being granted choice of bathrooms, will have shocked some sports fans. The ESPN analyst was a former star baseball pitcher and said to be one of the best of his era. He may have thought that his sporting achievements would protect him from persecution. […]

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