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For more than 11 years (since mid-2005) we have been using this website to alert Americans to the growing power, wealth, and ambitious political agenda of the Media Class, concealed behind its propaganda machine – the Mainstream Media. We revealed its alliance with the Far-Left, their purging and occupation of the Democratic Party, and their capture of the Presidency in 2008. We identified this as the entry of America’s first Ruling Class, complete with a transforming agenda, and in truth the commencement of a revolution. We always warned that the MSM was not a source of news, but the formidable propaganda weapon of the new Ruling Class – two of its tasks being to misrepresent the revolution as ‘politics as usual’, and to conceal the presence of the Ruling Media Class.

Over the 8 years of the Obama Presidency, the revolution was advanced by stealth, increments and edicts, and the Democrat retention of the White House in 2016 was intended to advance it beyond the point of no return.

Almost from the beginning of the Trump campaign of moderate Nationalism, which swiftly attracted a sturdy mass following, we defined it as a (belated) counter-revolutionary resistance. Despite Trump seeming a most unlikely counter-revolutionary leader, we could see that great forces were at work which would either quickly destroy him, or put steel and purpose into his campaign, in the process stripping away much of the MSM-created façade of ‘politics as usual’.

The culmination of the contest last fall – along with the faltering Clinton campaign – forced the MSM to brush aside the Democratic Party leadership and emerge as the revolutionary political force it has long been. Commentators on the Right – with Rush Limbaugh in the forefront – have now identified the MSM as the real political force, and the Democratic Party as its mere appendage. Post-election events have further revealed the power and the agenda of the MSM and the subsidiary role of the Democratic Party leaders.

Limbaugh and others have yet to make complete sense of all this by identifying the Media Class, its components, its rise to power, and its (mainly social but very revolutionary) agenda. Nevertheless, increasing numbers of people on the Broad Right are beginning to recognize – what we have been writing since last fall – that America is becoming engaged in an unavoidable civil war.

We have continually maintained that a new Ruling Class and its Far-Left Allies, having occupied government and advanced their agenda almost to the point of no return, are not going to concede peacefully.

Long Description:

First, who are the ‘we’? The articles which appear almost daily are the work of one man. The essential technical work and some of the ideas are supplied by a small team. We hope to find other contributors willing to share the burden and thus provide an article each day. In a traditional political USA we would not hide behind ‘Radical and Right’ but would reveal our identities. We prefer transparency and honesty. However it is our conviction that we live in the abnormal times of a Revolution and that the dangerous forces we seek to lay bare are driven by vindictive intolerance. They seek to silence, by persecution, all opposition from the Right and by accident or design will lead the USA and the UK to totalitarianism. We believe that we can only avoid extreme hardship for our families by our remaining anonymous. Many citizens in the USA and the UK have already been singled out and deprived of a livelihood for voicing traditional social or political views that were deemed less radical than ours. A few have even been imprisoned. Views that until recent times were considered mainstream, have been criminalized as ‘bigoted’, racist, ‘homophobic’, ‘exclusionary’ and/or ‘threatening’- Orwellian terms that mask official persecution through arbitrarily-enforced and selective laws and the suppression of free speech. So far those persecuted have been ‘little people’ with few resources-in America it has been bakers of wedding cakes and Christians working in large corporations. In the UK it has been public school teachers, Bed and Breakfast proprietors, train drivers, bus passengers and members of small Nationalist parties. The trend however is unmistakable. Free speech from the Right is now exercised by the ‘little people’ at their peril and all feel inhibited and fearful, even in private.

We adopted the word ‘radical’ because our unique website analysis goes to the roots that feed the culture wars and the lawlessness of contemporary government. We employ the word ‘right’ because we are obliged by integrity to be on the ‘Right’ of today’s revolutionary struggle and because we are confident that our diagnosis of ‘revolutionary Class conflict’ is right i.e. correct. We are conservative in that we recognize that a society’s evolutionary (gradual, tried and proven) change is preferable to revolutionary (ideology-driven) change. We support conservation of the land and its resources and the conservation of traditional culture. We hold that the free market place for goods, services, ideas and speech are the underpinning of the free society that is our right. We know that the traditional family is, like the free- market place, an essential building block of a free, healthy and vibrant society. We do not doubt that the traditional, Bible-based Christian religion, with its emphasis on the value of the individual, the family and morality, is a bulwark against America’s decline, revolutionary change, oppressive government and totalitarianism. At the same time we recognize that Nation States, like the family, exist to offer security, continuity and freedom to their native-born people and so we demand protected borders, opposition to mass and indiscriminate immigration, and minimal cultural, legal or racial concessions to those who are allowed in. We assert that Patriotism, secure borders, the traditional family, a public place for Bible-based Christianity, the right to self-protection, free speech and property rights are in the best interests of every American and Briton. It is our conviction that America’s written Constitution which upheld all of the foregoing was responsible for America replacing the UK as the world’s great power and a beacon of freedom. We oppose any deviation from the Constitution as it is written and any whittling – away or re-interpretation of it by the Judiciary. There is a process for changing the Constitution, it was crafted deliberately to be difficult, and that should be the sole avenue for any amendment.

On this website we strive to write only that which has a bearing on our core belief, which is that the USA   has been hi-jacked by a revolutionary ruling economic and social class. We call it the ‘Media Class’. We believe that the UK is ruled by its own Media Class, and because there are so many similarities with the USA and because we have much knowledge about the UK’s politics, we frequently write about the parallels between the two Nations’ travails. However our main focus is the USA. The UK has always experienced Class rule (Land-owning Aristocratic Class, Mercantile Class, Industrial Class and more recently a Big Business/Public Service Union/Government bureaucracy Class- a nascent Fascism) but the USA, although having had such Class elements present and exerting pressure, has not been ruled by a Class. This centuries-old freedom from a Ruling Class can be attributed to North America’s early history of British and European pioneers and their search for escape from oppressive government, their Protestant Christian beliefs, the nurturing of Patriotism, States’ Rights in a vast country and the wisdom of the Constitution writers. For a long time and despite the absorption of so many different peoples from Europe, the Far East, and south of the border, America created a relatively homogenous Nation-and this despite the forced importation of millions of Africans for slavery.

It is our claim (and as far as we are aware no-one else has advanced this claim) that the television industry (not the industry that made TV sets!) gave birth to the Media Class when, in the 1960’s and in response to public demand, it began 24/7 programming. This necessitated supplementing news, quizzes and game shows with increasing numbers of Hollywood Movies, soaps and serials. Improvements in receivers and mass production pushing prices downwards, the increasing affluence of ordinary Americans, more leisure time and shift work all combined to create a demand for non-stop, relatively cheap TV entertainment. To meet it movies became a staple of the programming. This led to a marriage of convenience between TV and Hollywood, more film making on location, and the transformation of ‘news’ presentation into entertainment. News readers became celebrities, print media people gravitated to TV, and Hollywood actors/producers and directors made ‘for- TV’ films.

The writer of this website has studied the history of political thought from Plato to Marx to Graham Wallas. He studied Marxism in depth and considers Marx’s theory of the evolution of Classes and Class rule to be largely correct. (Marx made the mistakes of attempting to apply science to human political behavior, fitting his observations of history into a preconceived political agenda and foolishly forecasting a Classless future Socialist Utopia). Marx correctly noted that Classes are created by the chance confluence of seemingly unrelated advances in technology, economic organization and human appetites. It is our (Marxist) contention that the Media Class was accidentally created by advances in technology (especially television), increased human appetite for entertainment and other contributing events. The Media Class was not consciously created. It unconsciously evolved, initially by the marriage of convenience between TV and Hollywood. Its products grew in popularity and so it spawned, nurtured and absorbed the related industries of the professional theater, Fashion, Advertizing, Pop Music and pro-Sport. As its workforce and owners grew in wealth and power, so a Class consciousness developed among them. A political and ‘moral’ agenda evolved reflecting their interests, lifestyles and appetites and they sensed that they possessed the power to remake society in their own, more comfortable image. For our purposes here we may politely describe the image as ‘Bohemian’, but more accurately as ‘decadent’ and ‘debauched’.

From the beginning the new emerging Class leaned to the Left. The late and great economics writer Joseph Schumpeter in his book ‘Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy’ (Chapter 13, section 11 ‘The Sociology of the intellectual’. Here Schumpeter links intellectual discontents to Journalism) noted and explained why Leftism flourished among such people as Academics, writers and News people. The marriage of TV/ journalism to Hollywood (a hotbed of Communists), reinforced the new Media Class’ Leftism. More disastrously for America’s people- it introduced a preponderance of wealthy libertines, neurotics, psychopaths, sexual perverts and dysfunctional self-indulgent and greedy discontents. These latter were reinforced as the Media Class naturally absorbed the Fashion Industry, the Advertizing Industry, the professional Theater and the Pop Music Industry. Pro-Sport, the last great Entertainment Industry to be absorbed- and currently an uncomfortable fit- is being purged of those who cannot recognize and adhere to the Media Class agenda.

It is the claim of this website that the Media Class developed a ‘Class- consciousness’ at least by the early 1970’s and set about purging itself. The Leftists who dominated, being discontented ideologues and possessing a ready-made political agenda, were intolerant of non-Leftists in the ranks. This was especially true of the bitter Feminists now emerging from colleges and swarming into the Media. An in-house purging process began, not only of apolitical colleagues, but-more importantly- of programming. Highly popular family programs began to disappear for they carried messages of traditional family values, sexual normality, patriotism and contentment. Old-style comedians in particular offended the Feminists, for they poked fun at stereotypes and the chronically dysfunctional. Humor has the habit of providing expression for the traditional moral values of ordinary working people and thus has no place in the Leftist scheme unless it can be purged and used for a political agenda. Leftist humor is called ‘cutting edge’ and the belly-laugh is replaced by an intellectual barb or an angry snarl.

Once the Media Class and its main weapon, the Mainstream Media (MSM), had purged its own ranks, grown richer and become more fully aware of its power to control the news and use entertainment to surreptitiously influence society, it began to flex its muscles as an emerging Ruling Class. At this point, and for the first time in America’s history, a Class possessed the tools to take power and remake the Nation in its own image. In order to do so, the Media Class had to forge political alliances. It was numerically small; too concentrated geographically to affect the electorate by contact, many of its constituents were preoccupied with indulging their appetites (for they are not an industrious and self-denying people) and their moral and social agenda was not popular. It must have been clear to them that remaking society in their own image via the MSM alone would take too long – for these are impatient people ruled by their appetites. Like any nascent Ruling Class, this one sought control over Government to commence the implementation of its revolution agenda and reinforce its authority. Few revolutionary agendas in history have been widely popular, requiring forceful imposition for success. The Media Class agenda of decadence would arouse widespread revulsion if revealed in its entirety and so it has been concealed, camouflaged, and promoted incrementally, yet still requiring all the power of an expanding government and its machinery for enforcement.

A coalition with other Leftists and those who would materially benefit from a vastly-increased government bureaucracy (and from State-provided welfare) was a natural progression and so the Media Class using its MSM purged the Democrat Party and the Public Service Union bureaucracies and extended its MSM protection to Academia and to Black America. During the 1990’s the ranks of the Democrat Party and Unions were purged of traditional working class members, especially those who held traditional views about morality. It is the contention of this website that the transformed Democrat Party is now the revolutionary tool of the Media Class and that Government employees everywhere are being used to advance the Media Class agenda. Indeed, together with the urban Black mobs, they may be described as the ground-troops of the Revolution. In order for the coalition to work smoothly, the ideological Leftist and Minority demands for redistribution of income must be satisfied, there must be continued growth in government employment, and the masses must be brought under central control. These are conditions the Ruling Media Class is willing to concede, confident that, like any Ruling Class (even under Socialism) the elite will enjoy a privileged life.

We claim that in 2007 Obama was selected as the Democrat Presidential Candidate by a small but extremely rich and powerful coterie of Hollywood movie moguls. No doubt they represented the views of many in Hollywood but their pockets were the deepest. Mrs. Clinton was rejected because her husband, when President, did not do enough to further the homosexual agenda, indeed he may frequently have been disparaging in not-so-private conversation. The Clintons also possessed a substantial political network of their own and might have been too independent in the White House. Obama, on the other hand, was without wealthy sponsors and a network, was a man with an insatiable appetite to be at the top, was devoid of experience and real knowledge, had a shadowy background, was a confident and conscienceless liar and had all the attributes of an actor who reads his lines with conviction. Obama was made for the Hollywood Media bosses for they could package him, present him through the MSM in any role, write his lines, he carried no baggage of distaste for homosexuals, seemingly believed in little but had imbued a Leftist agenda, would be utterly dependent on his Media masters and their ability to prop him up through their MSM and- a bonus- he could be presented as an African American, symbol of White America’s guilt and sure to mobilize the essential Black vote.

The MSM has sustained him in the White House through the 2012 election, despite a record of incompetence in so many areas. Yet, together with his comrade Eric Holder, he has faithfully and ruthlessly advanced the homosexual agenda to the delight of his sponsors. Not only has SSM been advanced but the military’s opposition has been purged, education and health care centralized so that the homosexual agenda can be better imposed, and he has ensured that the Government bureaucracy is homo friendly and reaching into the private sector economy through government contracts. He has also created a hostile environment for Christians in the workplace and public squares and proceeded to pack the Federal Courts with judges opposed to traditional morality. This has been productive work from a President who is generally work-shy and prefers to wallow in the perks of office.

Obama’s achievements listed above have also pleased the Left, the junior partners in the Ruling Class coalition. He has also advanced much of the Leftist ideological agenda, mostly by brazenly ignoring Constitutional limits and despite losing control of the House after two years. We contend that Obama, for all his arrogant absences from duty, his incompetence and ignorance, has played his part in imposing a stealthy revolution on America’s people. It is one of the truisms of Marxism that the ascension to political power of a new Class necessitates a revolution and we declare that America is undergoing a true revolution. It is a tribute to the awesome power of the Media Class and its MSM that most Americans-and sadly those on the Right- do not realize this but assume that what is being played out in Washington and all over the Nation is politics as usual. At best some think there is a ‘Culture War’ taking place. More are alarmed by the shredding of the Constitution but fewer and fewer Americans emerge from education with an attachment to it. Too many are consumed with White Guilt or are befuddled by the MSM’s dope for the masses.

The Revolution is not yet complete yet we can see that the Media Class and its Democrat Party have largely absorbed Big Business and the very rich. The Federal Judiciary has been captured. It has become clear that conservatives, Christians and Nationalists are targeted for marginalization and ultimate eradication. The elections of November and again in 2016 may slow the Revolution’s pace, but unless those on the Right-who we correctly describe as sleep-walking counter-revolutionaries- recognize the nature of the struggle and respond accordingly, surely all will be lost and America forever transformed. The Constitution will become a mere Government document that can be arbitrarily used to further a revolutionary agenda, free speech will be finally suppressed, the young will become sexual fodder and America will be overwhelmed by Third World immigrants dependent on Government. If the elections are lost we can only pray for Divine intervention.

You have been reminded that this website is a voice of the Counter-revolution and our mission is to reveal the existence, agenda and achievements of the new Ruling Media Class. This requires content that is complex, uncomfortable, radical and uncompromising- not an easy read and essentially different from all other rightwing websites. To test the prescience of our analysis over the years we invite you to read from our archive. We have not always been right in our specific predictions but we have anticipated today’s big picture. Stay with us!

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