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Trump’s Economic Nationalism Confounds Free Market Purists

Throughout his campaign Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back to America and to put America and its workforce first in all Presidential considerations. His negotiations this last week with Ford and Carrier in Indiana suggest that he is fully committed to the policies on which he campaigned. This is good news for the Broad Right, especially when placed alongside […]

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Trumpets! The Future Is Ours’ – Comrades!

The next two months are fraught with danger as the Media Class and its Far Left allies seek violently to snatch victory from the jaws of election defeat. Remember, we have written many, many times on this website that history teaches that a Ruling Class rarely surrenders power with out a violent struggle. History does not always repeat itself and […]

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Trump Beats Media Class, Soros Money-Changers And Vote Fraud

It was a narrow win in the end but Donald Trump took his campaign to the key election States over and over again, and never forgot or deviated from addressing the people who have made America great. Trump clearly understands how to marry mission, strategy and tactics, and this skill helped take him to victory. It will serve him well […]

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Trump’s Lead Puts His Life In Great Danger

It was reported today that Steve Borowiec, a homosexual reporter for the LA Times, has been forced to withdraw a tweet in which he expressed the hope “to see Donald Trump’s life end”. Early on in this Presidential campaign we wrote that if it looked likely that Trump would win the Presidency, he would be in great danger of assassination. […]

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USA at the Cross Roads In 8 Days

All American Presidential elections are billed as historic in their consequences, but for once this is true. On November 8 the political, cultural and moral divisions of the people will be exposed as never before, and either the Nation will pull back from the brink of disaster or confirm in office a regime determined to sever all links with its […]

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Will Trump Lead The Resistance?

On this website we have, since 2009, argued that America was no longer experiencing anything remotely like ‘politics as usual’, even though the Parties in Congress were maintaining that illusion. We had already identified the emerging presence of a new Ruling Class (the Media Class) and warned that its Mainstream Media (MSM) was a propaganda weapon unequalled even in totalitarian […]

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