• Muslim Warriors

    Osama and Ahmed- “They’re as British as You or I!”

    Some thirty years ago, back in the UK, those words were said to me by a relative during a discussion about immigration and Enoch Powell. My relative was about ten […]

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  • Internet

    Net Neutrality

    The following article was directly posted to our website by an unknown writer. Once again, the Far Left Obama regime is moving America towards a Leftist Utopia where dissent is […]

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  • Map of Greece

    Greece and Merkel

    In a previous article we claimed that German Chancellor Merkel had ‘blinked’ in her showdown with Greece’s new minority Far Left Government. Anyone who read the MSM news on Monday […]

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  • Hollande

    Merkel Blinked!

    On this website (17th February) we predicted that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French Premier Hollande had merely papered over the cracks when they met with Russia’s President Putin and […]

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  • Map of USA

    Secession/ISIS. How is it Sustained?

    Yesterday I wrote about the sense of being overwhelmed by the Obama regime’s unlawful and largely unchallenged dismantling of America. This feeling of helplessness is surely being experienced by all […]

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  • Sheriff

    The David vs. Goliath of Giving

    Are you worn down with requests for donations from worthy conservative groups? Don’t worry! This is not going to be a request for money. This website is a cost-free voice […]

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  • sad Merkel

    Denver Blacks Above the Law

    This website is proof that having an understanding of the revolutionary current that is moving our society in a particular direction, cynically analyzing the Revolution’s MSM propaganda, trusting one’s lying […]

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  • ferguson-burning-car

    No (MSM) News Is Good News? Not True!

    On Saturday night in Ocoee, Florida, between 800 and 900 Middle School and High School teens began a disturbance in the area of the food outlets at West Oaks Mall. […]

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