• Arnold

    Republican Renegades

    In these revolutionary times when the revolutionaries have the upper hand and are close to crushing all opposition, it is imperative that we counter-revolutionaries seek the broadest possible alliance. This […]

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  • Hillary and Bill Clinton

    Hillary Taking Heavy Media Fire

    Yesterday morning I heard the start of the Rush Limbaugh Talk Radio program. Rush opened with an issue he rightly considered big news- the outbreak of headlined MSM attacks on […]

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  • Graves

    Hatred of Christians

    On this website we avoid topics that have been adequately covered on popular conservative websites. Other than relating contemporary issues to the rule of the Revolutionary Media Class, we only […]

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  • Hammer and Sickle

    Revolutionary Hatred

    Below is an email sent to this website by Mr. Jeff Goodwin@live.com. It is typical of many outpourings of rage and hatred from Leftists in these Revolutionary times. Rarely do […]

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  • Common Sense and Transvestites

    Many years ago, back in the UK, I worked as a Mental Welfare Officer. I was employed by the State to visit adults suffering from mental illness, monitor their progress, […]

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  • Refugees

    Immigration Madness

    It is almost certain that the visitors to this website are people who get their real news from counter-revolutionary sources on the Internet and Talk Radio. As such they will […]

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