• Munich

    Trump Exonerated By Munich Attack

    The latest Muslim terror attack which killed eight innocent German citizens and wounded another 16, came only a day after Donald Trump included in his Convention speech a call for […]

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  • Trump Protesters

    Trump’s Convention Speech A Statement Of Firm Intent

    There was no ambivalence in Trump’s speech last night. He was crystal clear as to what direction America will take under his Presidency. It will be a Nationalist direction because […]

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  • Trump vs. Cruz

    Cruz. Calculation or Principle?

    Only time will reveal whether the Cruz performance at the Convention has gifted the Mainstream Media with their best opportunity to discharge Clinton’s non-prosecuted email crimes from the election campaign, […]

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  • Lewandowski

    Trump To Bulldoze Through Convention

    The attempts to thwart the will of the voters who swarmed to the Republican primaries to select Donald Trump have failed. The sinister Internationalist forces and peeved primary losers could […]

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  • stock-photo-muslim-praying-in-a-mosque-428976253

    Muslim Torture Hidden By MSM?

    You could be forgiven if you have forgotten the Bataclan massacre, for this was several Muslim terrorist attacks back in the past. The very recent past it is true, but […]

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  • Nice-France-Truck

    Mohamed Bouhlel: Muslim ‘Soldier’

    France’s state of emergency proved to be no protection for hundreds of French citizens enjoying a public holiday. If there is one glaring conclusion to be drawn from the massacre […]

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  • Nice-France-Truck

    A Muslim Strikes In Nice

    Those naughty Muslims keep getting ahead of the Ruling Class script and making things difficult for Obama, Clinton, the Far Left Democrat Party and America’s Mainstream Media. It is getting […]

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  • Michael Savage

    Savage! Michael The Magnificent!

    We implore every member of the Broad Right– Nationalists, Christians and Conservatives — to track down and hear an excerpt from Thursday’s (July 14th, 2016) second segment of the Talk […]

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