• Scott Walker

    Scott Walker- Thumbs Down!

    The emerging Presidential Republican candidates for 2016 represent quantity over quality. Bush, Romney, Christie, Rubio, Rand Paul, Ryan and Perry range from unprincipled to uninspiring. Those conservatives who are looking […]

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  • Pig

    Hate Speech- You Have Been Warned!

    I have several friends who are nominally Muslim and who are American citizens. They came to the USA from Iran after the fall of the Shah. Unfortunately most of them […]

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  • Supreme Court

    Housing and Disparate Impact

    Today, the Supreme Court continued hearing a case brought to it by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. The outcome of this case will have a great effect […]

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  • dictionary

    Words and Propaganda

    Yesterday morning I heard a segment of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program during which he moved significantly closer to the constantly promoted message of this website. He began by predicting that […]

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  • lebanon

    Global Warming Watch

    Since the re-launching of this website there has been an increase in the number of visitors. Some new visitors may wonder why, after the main article, we have a paragraph-usually […]

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  • Collapse

    Stock Market Volatility

    In my son’s public school there is so much time spent studying the basket making of the Native Americans, the crimes of the Spanish Conquistadors, the trickery of the European […]

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  • March.wsj

    Paris! Obama’s No Show!

    The image was found from the WSJ. Rush Limbaugh, with the advantage of a Monday morning Talk Show, beat me to this revealing (about Obama) topic and gave his take […]

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  • charlie-hebdo-rallies-003.w529.h352

    Savage Gets it Right!

    Yesterday morning I was planning to write an article that I thought would be shockingly radical by calling for the USA to ban all Muslims from entry as immigrants or […]

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  • muslim attack in paris

    Muslims on the Offensive

    Thanks to the UK’s BNP website I learned early this morning the news of the outrageous and deadly attack on the Paris office of the French satirical magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’. […]

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  • Winston Churchill

    Where is America’s Churchill?

    We ask this rhetorical question because America’s Republican Party already has its “Guilty Men”. There are always dangers in believing that history repeats itself, for no contemporary situation is ever […]

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  • Saclise

    Your Gun Is Safe For the Next Two Years – What about your Free Speech?

    In our last article we wrote that citizen gun ownership is the single most important Right to be defended in the USA. The Right to bear arms, enshrined in the […]

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