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Black Racist Hatred Unleashed By Trump Victory

On this website we have always placed some weight on anecdotal evidence, especially as the Mainstream Media (MSM) peddles nothing but propaganda in support of a dishonest agenda. It is not widely known that America’s MSM has a policy to only show and report ‘minorities’ in a positive light. This policy does not actually extend to Latinos, Asians and Orientals, […]

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Hispanic Turk Arrested For Deadly Mall-Place Violence

Arcan Cetin, aged 20, and a longtime resident of Oak Harbor, Washington State, was arrested by local police last evening in connection with the shooting of 5 people in a Macy’s store on Friday evening. The Authorities, who were baffled by his racial appearance are now baffled by his motive. So far they have not been able to identify his […]

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Burlington Mall Killer Looks Middle Eastern In Official Pics

As soon as news of Friday’s mass shooting in Burlington, Washington State, was reported in the Mainstream Media, the suspected killer was described as a Hispanic. This in itself was odd, since it is now MSM policy to never identify suspects by race or skin color unless the suspect can be described as ‘White’. Since the unfortunate victims were all […]

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