WSJ Scribblers Attack Builder Of Towers

Saturday’s Wall Street Journal continued its relentless attack on Donald Trump. Has a major newspaper that claimed to be a voice of business and conservatism, ever been so obsessed with destroying a Republican front-runner and business-man in a primary campaign?

The latest pen to drip vitriol on Trump’s reputation is that of Holman W. Jenkins Jr., a regular contributor to the WSJ on business and politics for more than 20 years. In other words, Mr. Jenkins, like Bret Stephens, Daniel Henninger and Kimberley Strassel, owes his lifestyle to Wall Street and can be expected to be a mouthpiece for International Big Business interests. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it is employment after all, but we need to remember that his pen is dripping with vitriol on behalf of those who pay him.

Jenkins’ attack on Trump is part of a larger assault now being mounted by Cruz, Rubio, and numerous orthodox ‘conservative’ websites clustered under the neo-con and William Buckley banners. They are now indistinguishable from the Far Left’s attacks by scribblers at the Washington Post and the NYT. The Trump-attack gang has been forced to abandon the ‘Trump will bow out quickly’, ‘Trump is just indulging in fun’, ‘Trump has no national network’ and ‘Trump’s followers are only drawn by his celebrity’ strategies, as each has been rendered redundant by events.

Jenkins’ own scribbling now sounds desperate. We can sense that Trump’s very presence in the contest keeps him sleepless at night. “Somebody ought to spend a very large amount of money to blanket the airwaves with negative Donald Trump ads, and not just to test whether Trump fans can withstand withering exposure to their man’s contradictions, lies and peccadilloes”.

Let us pause here and consider who and where is the “somebody’ who Jenkins thinks “ought to spend a very large amount”. At the moment, New York’s Wall Street, Beverley Hills, San Francisco, and many more places where the rich and powerful dwell, benefiting from cheap foreign labor, protected from the social costs of the multi-racial society, consuming more than their fair share of carbon and sexually exploiting young, rootless immigrants, is populated with billionaires who have already spent large amounts to defeat Trump and snuff out American Nationalism. The problem is that for Jenkins it has not proved enough and he is getting desperate. The airwaves are already “blanketed with negativity” about Trump, but Jenkins wants even more!

For Jenkins, those tens of thousands of ordinary Americans who are packing Trump’s rallies and voting for him in primaries, are not worthy of being called ‘supporters‘. They are ‘fans’. Here on display is the elitist’s contemptuous view of those who oppose the Internationalist agenda of open borders, multi-culturalism and multi-racialism. These ordinary, mostly White Americans, struggling along on low-paid jobs, or made unemployed by exported jobs and imported cheap labor, are, as Jenkins sees it, lacking the intelligence to see beyond celebrity. They will not be able to “withstand withering exposure” to the facts about him if the airwaves are sufficiently blanketed with negativity.

It doesn’t occur to Jenkins that Trump’s supporters are smart, certainly smart enough to realize that the policies put forward by Jeb Bush, Lindsay Graham and all the others who have fallen by the Primary wayside, were either mouthpieces for International Big Business or collaborators with a Ruling Class intent on their eventual elimination. They see that Trump is not beholden to Big Business, and that belatedly (but better late than never!) he is articulating and legitimizing an American Nationalism that will enable them to reclaim their country.

In a later paragraph Jenkins quotes Lincoln’s words about not fooling all of the people all of the time. Trump, in other words is fooling the foolish but blanketed airwaves will ensure they are not all fooled all of the time. The attack ad that Jenkins is calling for and is to be funded by ‘somebody’, “is partly an attack on Trump’s supporters, not their values (Oh Mr. Jenkins be honest, you hate their values! RR) but their judgment about who represents a viable vessel for their values”.

Since Jenkins dare not spell out “their values”, we will, for they are simple, wholly reasonable and attainable. Trump’s supporters want the borders closed, a halt to immigration, the expulsion of illegal criminals, a reversal of the immigration flow, tax changes and incentives to bring jobs back to America (for Americans!), an end to funding enemies and the Third World, the return of free speech so that there can be honest talk about certain minorities, an honest judiciary and the return of justice for the law-abiding, a rejection of all Obama’s policies, Christianity restored to the public square, and the prosecution of Hillary Clinton. These are “their values” and Jenkins and his fellow scribblers will not set them out because they are anathema to the scribblers of Wall Street. Trump’s supporters believe, rightly or wrongly, that Trump intends to implement them from the Oval Office.

These are not the ‘values’ of Jenkins and his fellow-scribblers at the WSJ, neither are they the ‘values’ of the neo-cons and the Buckley brigade, all of whom have hi-jacked, distorted and expanded the free market concept to bring ruin to America’s (and Europe’s) working people whilst enriching the footloose internationalists.

Pretty quickly Jenkins moves on to the latest coordinated plan of attack which is to accuse Trump of not having any money. “Also needing to be tested is whether Mr. Trump himself can stand it, and perhaps as important, whether he really is willing and able to produce the financial resources needed to fight back in an all-out, high-dollar “air war” …

So there we have the new strategy to stop Trump and silence his followers. The rich Internationalists need to spend, spend, spend, up to a billion dollars, until Trump is bankrupted – whatever it takes! In truth, this is not about confronting Trump’s program but about the power of the rich.

To set the record straight, Trump has been spending his own money on this campaign. He has a large paid staff, he uses his own jet and a bullet-proof car, and he rents large and expensive venues day after day. He has spent more than $20m of his own money. His ability to get massive free publicity from a hostile MSM is a tribute to his business and political skills. They stand in stark contrast to the political and business ‘skills’ of Jeb Bush who frittered away $120m of other people’s money and had nothing to show them at the end. Many Trump supporters see this as evidence that their man is smart and will have the Presidential skills to save taxpayer money and out-negotiate foreign governments.

To set the record straight about the seriousness of the Trump candidacy we can be sure that he knew his blunt speaking about Mexican criminals and Muslim immigrants would forever put his life and his family’s in jeopardy. He now lives with death from assassination and could have opted for an easy life. His followers know that he is making much greater sacrifices than any of his opponents.

He is most certainly aware that raising the banner of Nationalism, confronting the MSM and its troops, and speaking the politically unspeakable, makes him public enemy number one of the Ruling Class and -if he fails to gain the White House – will ultimately be the end of his businesses. He has much more to lose than Ted Cruz.

Finally, we have to assume that Donald Trump knows a lot about large-scale construction in politically hostile environments. He must know a lot about getting planning permissions, navigating through corrupt public committees, drainage, subsidence, urban traffic flows, geometry and physics, weight-bearing materials, concrete, steel erecting, transport of materials, procurement of materials, labor skills, health and safety laws, dealing with strong-arm unions, and all the techniques and materials employed inside buildings. And then there is knowledge about cash-flows, wages, interest rates, inflation, legal issues, delegation of tasks and the list goes on and on.

Trump has taken the ultimate responsibility for the erection of urban sky-scrapers – and survived. He can stand in the company of those who have undertaken the construction of great bridges and tunnels, often sending them to early graves with worry. His achievements dwarf those of Cruz, Rubio, Bush et al. Only Carson of the primary contestants has successfully borne real responsibility. Trump’s supporters are smart enough to see that he is a man who gets real things done. As for the mere scribblers of the WSJ and neo-con websites who are attempting to bring him down, they are beneath contempt.

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