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Trump’s Economic Nationalism Confounds Free Market Purists

Throughout his campaign Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back to America and to put America and its workforce first in all Presidential considerations. His negotiations this last week with Ford and Carrier in Indiana suggest that he is fully committed to the policies on which he campaigned. This is good news for the Broad Right, especially when placed alongside […]

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Trump Tax Returns, The New York Times, October Surprise

The New York Times publication of a portion of Trump’s 1995 tax return showing he had $916m of business losses is indeed an October bombshell for the Trump campaign. It has several political ramifications that the whole Mainstream Media will uniformly rush to exploit. It damages Trump’s campaign claim that he is a successful business man who would know how […]

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Trump Presidency Would Bring Stability To Nation After Market Collapse

Once again the Stock Market is revealing great fragility. It will be a miracle if there is not a Wall Street collapse before the November elections. It has long been apparent that the Market’s buoyancy is linked not to industrial output, employment figures, consumption and profitability, but to Janet Yellen’s low interest rate policy. This surely means that the Stock […]

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Cruz, The Enquirer and Trump

Vultures, jackals, coyotes and maggots have their place in the order of things. They may not be appealing, but by feasting on rotten flesh they perform a necessary role in getting rid of bad smells. The National Enquirer is a weekly magazine that appeals to our basic instincts by uncovering and revealing the seamy side of self-important people. Show Business […]

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WSJ Scribblers Attack Builder Of Towers

Saturday’s Wall Street Journal continued its relentless attack on Donald Trump. Has a major newspaper that claimed to be a voice of business and conservatism, ever been so obsessed with destroying a Republican front-runner and business-man in a primary campaign? The latest pen to drip vitriol on Trump’s reputation is that of Holman W. Jenkins Jr., a regular contributor to […]

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