Trump Takes On The Media Class

It is surely beyond dispute that the 2015/16 Republican primary contest is unlike any other in living memory for the early ferocity, intensity and blatant Media bias it has generated. Clearly, something big and different is at work. In contrast, the Democrat primary contest, a series of public meetings and TV debates in which the main contender is protected from any mention of her criminality, is merely a continuation of the Media bias and partisanship which dates back to the Kennedy/Nixon campaign.

What has contributed to setting this Republican primary contest apart is Donald Trump. He is the first candidate, Republican or Democrat, to have a mastery of Media presentation and the first to be rich enough to campaign exclusively and effectively on his own dollar. But more than those two attributes, he is one of only a few – the others were Third Party challengers – who has ignored the political consensus of his time regarding what it is permissible to discuss.

His opening call for action to stop all illegal immigration over the Mexican border, earned the support of millions of ordinary Americans, and the enmity of Internationalists of all stripes, from Big Business and Wall Street profiteers to multi-cultural, Revolutionary Socialists in Academia and the Media Class.

When the predictable MSM-orchestrated outcry of rage failed to bring him groveling for forgiveness, but instead had him doubling down and linking illegal immigrants to crime, it was clear to all across the Establishment, that Trump was an unwelcome phenomenon. He was at the least, a loose cannon, a maverick, an irresponsible clown, and at worst an ambitious populist or dangerous racist.

To many ordinary Americans however, he was a breath of fresh air rushing into a room that was stifling with the oppression of Far Left political correctness. Next he began to expound a number of policies that were unmistakably Nationalist. Not only ‘make America great again’ but ‘put Americans first’. At this point, and without spending a cent on Media advertising, he began to attract audiences of a size unparalleled this early in primary contests. Not only were these audiences huge, but they were more like ‘rallies of the masses’ than uncommitted primary voters examining the details of the candidates’ policies.

On this website we have long argued that American Nationalism, Conservatism and Christianity are the three sides of a triangle, supporting each other and practically and theoretically incomplete as a political movement without all three sides. In the pre-Revolutionary era, before the election of a shallow, street activist to the White House crowned the triumphant rule of the Media Class and its Far Left allies, Nationalism was an unspoken, ever-present, component of American politics. Like the Christian words on the dollar, traditional marriage, the Stars and Stripes, the Pledge of Allegiance, man and woman, the Separation of Powers, and the Constitution, all major politicians of both Parties – at least in public – shared an attachment to the American Nation State.

The un-reported Media Class take-over of the Democrat Party and Public Service Unions at the end of the last Century, and then their capture of Congress and the White House in 2008 has advanced by stealth a profound and un-American Revolution. The victors will soon strip the Christian words from the dollar, are in the process of criminalizing traditional marriage and are about to remove any mention of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ in public discourse. At any time soon, they will re-write the Pledge to the UN and raise the UN flag over Washington. Their leader has already discarded the Separation of Powers and dispensed with the Constitution.

The Revolutionary Government led by Obama, promoted by the MSM’s propaganda machine, supported by the Democrat Party, the Government bureaucracy, the purged Courts and the DOJ, partnered by International Big Business and aided by the collusion of place-seekers in the Republican establishment, is anti-Nationalist, anti-Christian and anti-Conservative. Who can deny this? This is the point at which the Nation has arrived, albeit no politicians on the counter-revolutionary Right seem capable of comprehending the complete picture.

As Trump has instinctively stumbled into Nationalism, uncorking Nationalist sentiment, so he has become the de-facto leader of the counter-revolution. Inevitably, Christians and Conservatives have been drawn to his rallies, for the three sides of the triangle belong together. Trump’s personal and political history contain little to suggest that he has been evolving into the leadership of the counter-revolution. But he has put his business at risk, alienated his New York former friends, is committing his fortune to the campaign, showing great energy and no little tactical skill, is ruthlessly fighting for the Republican nomination and, most significantly, putting his life on the line.

It is his Nationalism that has drawn the fiercest fire of the enemy and propelled him into the middle of the unparalleled political cauldron of this campaign. It is because he has -perhaps unwittingly but honestly – become the leader of American Nationalism, that this election is unique. He has brought to the surface the hitherto concealed conflict between Nationalism and Internationalism. The Internationalists of the Ruling Media Class and their allies and collaborators, would have preferred that this conflict be repressed, and Nationalism and the Nation State erased by under-reported increments.

Trump is ideologically stumbling into his role. Many on our side wish he would openly embrace Nationalism, build a coalition of allies on the Right, avoid mixed messages about “working with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Read”, and be even blunter in his opposition to immigration. But he has shown a remarkable willingness to take on the MSM. He has been quick to see it as the people’s enemy, dealing in lies and propaganda. At his rallies, he points his finger at the MSM’s agents and denounces them. He understands that all the MSM is dedicated to taking him down and that the TV debates are designed to ambush him, and temporarily help his rivals.

His refusal to take part in the next Fox-controlled debate may damage his support, enabling the MSM to encourage his competitors and enemies to accuse him of cowardice. He is now a David fighting Goliath, for it is unlikely that his competitors will join him in standing up to the MSM. But maybe he is smarter in taking on and perhaps beating the MSM than we can anticipate. By refusing to dance to the MSM’s tune and submit to isolation on the podium, he may emerge as the only truly independent candidate.


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