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Trump Presidency Will Herald America’s Counter-Revolution

The small word ‘will’ in the title is a recognition that President-elect Donald Trump is not yet in office. Regular website visitors will know that as Conservatives, we have great respect for old sayings and one of them is “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”. Trump is not yet in the White House, and although in all previous […]

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Trump’s Michigan Win Sparks Counter-Revolutionary Advance

The Far Left extremist Jill Stein and her sinister funders received body-blows yesterday, when a Leftist Federal judge halted the Michigan recount. Given that Stein is a true fanatic – as we recently noted – and her Internationalist bill-payers are desperate, it is possible that she will continue a legal challenge. As someone once famously said “It isn’t over until […]

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Trump Beats Media Class, Soros Money-Changers And Vote Fraud

It was a narrow win in the end but Donald Trump took his campaign to the key election States over and over again, and never forgot or deviated from addressing the people who have made America great. Trump clearly understands how to marry mission, strategy and tactics, and this skill helped take him to victory. It will serve him well […]

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Elizabeth Warren Rage And Hate And Democrat Amnesia

I read a couple of Free Republic reports of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s New Hampshire attack on Donald Trump. As I find Warren, a woman who used a fake racial identity to get into Academia, despicable and hypocritical, I almost dismissed the report as unworthy of much consideration. But then Rush Limbaugh played an audio sound-bite of her rant this morning […]

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