Amtrak Crash

It is now almost a week since the deadly Crash which has claimed eight lives and caused hundreds of injuries. To many it must have been a surprise to learn that trains had black boxes, the same technology marvel that has explained so many air crashes. Fortunately, or so it seemed, the black box for this train was quickly recovered and rail experts were able to ascertain that the train was traveling at 106 mph when it crashed.

The rail authorities then stated that the train should not have exceeded 50 mph on the bend where it derailed. This indicated that the engineer (driver) was responsible for the crash and there was no mechanical fault with the train or the track. Since the speed at the time of the crash was so excessive – not a mere case of ordinary speeding to make up lost time – the engineer’s experience, qualifications and personality came under intense scrutiny from the public as well as from investigators. As the engineer (Brandon Bostian) survived the crash with minor injuries, many assumed that he would be immediately blood-tested and rigorously questioned by the police and railway investigators.

Suspicions about Mr. Bostian’s state of mind, life-style and motives were heightened by the fact (according to all Media reports) that he immediately refused to be interviewed, refused to answer questions and had acquired a lawyer. Subsequent reports from a MSM that now seems to be focused on anything but Mr. Bostian’s culpability, report that he has been blood-tested, but it is far from clear whether such a test took place immediately after the crash or some days later. This is an important point that may never be clarified. Suspicions of culpability were further aroused when his lawyer claimed that Mr. Bostian could remember nothing about the crash. This might be seen as convenient and somewhat like taking the 5th Amendment.

The modern-day Internet researchers who now take the place of MSM reporters as genuine investigators, soon unearthed Mr. Bostian’s Internet activities. These reveal – according to many reputable websites – that Mr. Bostian is a very active campaigner for Same-Sex Marriage (SSM) and we might deduce from this that he is an active homosexual. He is also a Union activist. Neither of these interesting facts have appeared in the MSM that this writer has seen and heard but we can be absolutely sure that they are very well-known to every MSM reporter. This website will go as far as to suggest that both facts – and especially the homosexual connection – will have resulted in the whole of the MSM searching for ways to exculpate Mr. Bostian.

It was inevitable that the Far Left Democrat Party would seek to use the accident to blame the crash on a lack of public spending on infrastructure and thus the responsibility of conservative and financial Republicans. They quickly did just that and the MSM predictably carried their water.

It soon became clear that this was a bit of a stretch and so responsibility for the crash was about to shift back to Mr. Bostian and the excessive speed he chose to take into the bend. Mr. Bostian is however, now known to be a member of a protected and Media-promoted minority, and an active one to boot! Enter the ‘missile’ explanation which somehow explains both the speeding and Mr. Bostian’s loss of memory.

It seems extraordinary that trains running through urban areas which are home to rioters, arsonists, looters, young fatherless vandals and maybe  Islamic jihadists, should have windscreens that can be easily pierced by thrown objects. Leftists might say that since there has been little spending on infrastructure, train windscreens have not been brought up to date.

It is just possible that a missile thrown at the train went through the windscreen, hit Mr. Bostian in the head, causing him to fall against the accelerator and erasing his memory.  In this scenario, Mr. Bostian is a victim twice over, both as a homosexual and a train driver. To many skeptical conservatives this may sound preposterous.

If Mr. Bostian is indeed entirely innocent, this website would not want to see him blamed, no matter what his sexual orientation, but today’s MSM marches in lockstep promoting the agenda of a Ruling Media Class that is dominated by homosexuals and libertines. Truth is irrelevant to its reporters and editors and it is more than possible that Mr. Bostian’s homosexuality will indemnify him from honest investigation. We predict that the ‘missile’ explanation will continue to get MSM promotion until a better one can be found.

In a previous article we asked for three cheers for the Boston Marathon bombing jury and its death penalty decision. It is reported that almost three quarters of the citizens of Boston disapprove of this capital sentence. Massachusetts’ citizens also disapprove, though by a slightly smaller majority.

Since there is no doubt about Tsarnaev’s guilt, we must assume that the people of this North East State deserve Islamic terrorism. Unfortunately most of the bombing victims came from out-of-State and they deserve vengeance. Runners should give the Boston Marathon a miss in future and take their business to a State that has hard-headed people.

A group of Asian Americans have filed a Federal complaint against Harvard University over its unfair admissions policy. Harvard, like all progressive places of learning believe that it is more important for the student body to be all-inclusive than deserving. In order to make room for low-achieving African Americans some applicants who are deserving of a place through ability, achievement and test scores have to be rejected. Since Asian American and Indian American children work hard, have parents who stay married, value education and make sacrifices, they earn top scores. They and their parents are penalized.

One consequence of this system is that all African Americans are believed to have gained admission into good colleges as a result of quotas, including those who really were deserving of a place.

It is good to see industrious Asian Americans becoming assertive. The MSM and Leftists cleverly lump them in with ‘disadvantaged minorities’, in an attempt to cultivate their attachment to government and swell the mob. In fact they belong to the majority that does not need government assistance and special treatment. It seems that they are only disadvantaged when dealing with Leftist academics. Here is an opportunity for conservative Republicans to recruit them for the Right.

As a consequence of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ‘giving space’ to the Black mob of Baltimore, 61 buildings were torched and 350 businesses damaged. Baltimore now has much more space until the American taxpayer is called upon to begin ‘revitalizing’. Hopefully Asian Americans who missed out on a Harvard education will prove to be too smart to expand their businesses into Baltimore.

Global Warming Report

This is worth noting! Here in California’s East Bay the average temperature in the first two weeks of May is 64F. The historical average is 76F. The highest ever recorded temperature is 101F on May 15th 1970.

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