The Democrats and Totalitarianism

Regular website visitors will be aware that we constantly warn that America’s government has been captured by a coalition with a Revolutionary agenda. The coalition consists of the Ruling Media Class, whose power lies in its wealth and ownership of the Mainstream Media; and the Far Left with its power base in Academia and the Unionized Public Service bureaucracy. To satisfy the two partners the agenda seeks to impose (through MSM propaganda and Government legislation) a radical sexual morality, and the replacement of private property and individual freedom with a centralized, Government-controlled economy. Both halves of the agenda are truly Revolutionary.

We claim that the Revolutionary coalition ascended to power in 2008 through the election of President Obama and Democrat control of Congress. Revolution means the repudiation and replacement of what came before. Hence, Obama is transforming America from a Christian Nation into an anti-Christian Nation and simultaneously penalizing and debilitating Private Enterprise by growing government power over the economy and workforce.

Prior to 2008, America had not experienced a Ruling Class. Indeed its Constitution was written to safe-guard Christian values and prevent the centralization of political and economic power. The new ‘morality’ of the Media Class, which may best be described as ‘Hollywood’s values’, and the replacement of market economics and private property with Socialism, were not sufficiently popular to win at the polls, not even when reinforced by constant MSM propaganda and indoctrination of the young. And so the Revolution is being achieved by stealth.

Thanks to the MSM’s propaganda and distractionary powers, most Americans remain unaware that the Revolutionaries are tightening their grip. The Democrat Party, long ago purged of social conservatives and diverse opinions, is a monolithic Party of Far Left Revolutionaries. There is not a single Democrat in Congress or in the Party’s bureaucracy who is willing to be restrained by the Constitution. Their leader in the White House, once the Party lost control of the House of Representatives, has set aside all Constitutional restraints and massively extended Government power through bureaucratic agencies unaccountable to Congress, and by edicts from the White House.

Now Obama rules without Congress and without restraints, for he has purged the Supreme Court, the Federal Judiciary, the Military and the Department of Justice of potential Counter-Revolutionaries. A majority of the Republican Party in Congress, like many one-time supporters of Constitutional government in the Judiciary and Armed Forces, are compromised by past indiscretions and live in fear of scandalous MSM revelations. Others simply fear MSM ridicule, negative reporting and fear-mongering.

Can anyone who visits this website deny the truth of what we have written? On a day when the President of the USA, (only recently ‘evolved’ from heterosexual marriage) officially celebrates and promotes transgenderism, is there anyone who can deny that a new Revolutionary moral agenda is being relentlessly imposed by increments?

As the flagrant abuses of Government power multiply and go unpunished (IRS/Clinton emails) and Supreme Court Justices make laws, can anyone claim that the Constitution matters or Congress still has a role?

Few ever see the wood for the trees. This is one of those old sayings that is profoundly true. Earlier on in this article we wrote that the Democrat Party was long ago purged of dissidents. All Far Left Revolutionary Parties purge their memberships when on the cusp of power, for their strength lies in single-mindedness. The Far Left Democrat Party has at its core, ideologues with an ideology that is as powerful as any religion. These fanatics believe their blue-print will lead to a perfect society. Consequently anyone who opposes it opposes progress. Opponents are either ignorant and in need of re-education, or evil and deserving of severe punishment lest they infect others.

The modern Democrat Party, as befit’s a Far Left Revolutionary army, has a rigid agenda and is intolerant of all dissent. It shares with its coalition partner (MSM) a great and ever-expanding number of litmus tests. These include for now absolute homosexual approval, unlimited abortion, no questioning of Man Made Global Warming, White people are innately racist, open borders and children are the property of the State.

In today’s Wall Street Journal there is a revealing editorial under the headline “Elizabeth Warren’s Intellectual Purge”. It reports how Warren, a leading Far Left Academic and Democrat Senator, has forced the resignation of a Brookings Institution economist because he dared to report some financial facts that harm the Leftist case. The economist is a long-time Democrat and supporter of Warren but in this instance has accidentally stepped out of line. Apologizing has made no difference!! It never does when Far Leftists are Judge and Jury and it is why we like Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

The word ‘Purge’ in the headline is more apt than the Journal realizes. Warren is one of the intellectual leaders of the Far Left Democrat Party and it is clear that like a true Leftist ideologue she tolerates no dissent. We should all take heed, for Warren may well be the running mate for Joe Biden or even the Democrat Party candidate in 2016. The Media Class partners in the coalition may care little beyond the achievement of a society with no sexual constraints, but the Leftist partners in the Democrat Party have a blue-print that requires total control of the people. They are totalitarians and a future Far Left Revolutionary Government will have many Elizabeth Warrens as well as psychopathic opportunists. Expect re-education camps and firing squads for any who dissent!

The Far Left New York City Council has just honored Ethel Rosenberg and declared September 28 “Ethel Rosenberg Day of Justice in the Borough of Manhattan”. Ronald Radosh, a longtime historian of Soviet spying in the USA during the 1930’s to 1950’s has written an excellent article in today’s WSJ re-telling the truth about this Stalinist loyalist who was justly executed as a traitor.

What the Democrats of Manhattan are reminding us is that the Left never gives up on re-writing history and setting aside the truth in pursuit of their ‘greater good’. This is another example of the Democrat Party’s totalitarianism.


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