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Trump Is No Republican Career Politician. Hallelujah!

On this website we have repeatedly expressed concerns that our Ruling Class and its Far Left allies, in desperation over the election result, have been seeking by any means to stop Trump’s entry into the White House. We saw the Jill Stein/George Soros attempt to reverse the results in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Their rationale was that Russia had hacked […]

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Trump’s Victory And The Russian Slur

Within hours of Saturday’s article on this website, the Mainstream Media and Obama began their latest attempt to de-legitimize Donald Trump’s election victory by attributing it to Russian penetration of the DNC’s internal email. Obama claimed that America’s ‘Intelligence Community’ had informed him that Russia had mounted covert operations to help Trump win. As a consequence he had instructed the […]

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Trump’s Economic Nationalism Confounds Free Market Purists

Throughout his campaign Donald Trump promised to bring jobs back to America and to put America and its workforce first in all Presidential considerations. His negotiations this last week with Ford and Carrier in Indiana suggest that he is fully committed to the policies on which he campaigned. This is good news for the Broad Right, especially when placed alongside […]

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