Trump Presidency Will Herald America’s Counter-Revolution

The small word ‘will’ in the title is a recognition that President-elect Donald Trump is not yet in office. Regular website visitors will know that as Conservatives, we have great respect for old sayings and one of them is “Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched”.

Trump is not yet in the White House, and although in all previous times the supporters of a President-elect have been able to assume their man will be the next President, we once again warn website visitors that these are not previous times. These are unrecognized Revolutionary times. The Revolutionary alliance of Media Class and Far Left is still ruling these dis-United States, much of their joint revolutionary agenda has been implemented, and Ruling Classes throughout history have rarely relinquished power without a bloody struggle.

It is true that there is always a ‘first time’ for everything. We sincerely hope that in this instance our new Ruling Class alliance will depart peacefully, if not quietly. But expect the next 38 days to be unprecedented, as a desperate Ruling Class alliance breaks all the remaining old rules in order to hold on to power and complete an agenda leading to a Far Left totalitarian ‘progressive’ America.

Since the Ruling Class was caught unprepared for electoral defeat, it is having to improvise its resistance. This means there is no recognizable blue-print, so we of the Broad Right cannot predict with certainty the enemy’s moves. The Stein/Soros attack has failed and Stein will join Cindy Sheahan as a Far Left ‘heroine’ who suddenly disappeared from the Mainstream Media’s fake news headlines.

In these next few weeks, we have to cope with the dangerous world of Fake News, since the MSM is the source of ALL fake news and the purveyor of Ruling Class propaganda. The latest fakery is the story of Putin engineering Trump’s victory. This piece of fakery has evolved out of the Stein/Soros baseless allegation that Russia had manipulated voting machines in three States.

To give this latest story credence, Obama’s purged CIA leadership has been ‘leaking’ to the regime’s twin propaganda headquarters at the New York Times and the Washington Post. Actually it is not a leak but a collusion, for there is no longer even the slightest separation between this Revolutionary Government and those disgusting rags.

In itself, this desperate invention of ‘Trump as agent of Putin’ cannot prevent Trump’s inauguration, unless Obama has the courage to directly intervene as President and declare the election null and void. He will be aware that such a move at this stage would require him to quickly declare martial law. Neither he nor his Media Class masters are ready for this, though many elements of the Far Left Alliance are thirsting for a violent civil war.

It looks as though the next improvised tactic is to use the Putin/Trump story to throw the Electoral College into turmoil by recruiting enough Republican defectors. To give this a chance, the Clinton campaign has been reintroduced so that the electors have an alternative to Trump on the 19th of December. We think this is a long shot, but a regime that can suborn one Supreme Court Justice and bury another, is capable of anything, and we are not assuming that Trump will make it to the White House.

This brings us back to the title of this article, for if Trump makes it to the White House, it will be the commencement of a Counter-Revolution, whether The Donald realizes it or not. Many of his cabinet picks will likely turn back Revolutionary policies. Closing borders to illegal immigrants will be a half step. Expelling illegals in large numbers will, as we have previously written, provoke a widespread violent conflict with the Far Left, and who knows how that will play out?

Trump’s military cabinet picks suggest that he is preparing to confront Red violence in the future, as well as an Obama coup in the next few weeks.

Nationalist trade policies in place of Obama’s International trade policies that are intended to make the State irrelevant, will also be Counter-Revolutionary.

Re-introducing law and order on the streets of big cities will also be Counter-Revolutionary and will provoke the Far left to violent resistance.

But it is those cabinet picks that might turn back the clock on moral issues that will most advance the Counter-Revolution in the long run, especially if Trump places moral judges on the Supreme Court and Federal courts.

The cessation of public funding to Planned Parenthood would be a landmark move, followed by severe limitations on abortion. Giving all parents education vouchers would be another huge step towards the reintroduction of Christian morality into American lives. When Christian schools once again flourish, and teach children tried and tested traditional values and patriotism without fear of the secular Far Left in Government (IRS, Federal Education Dept and State Administrations), the long-term effect will be so beneficial to the Nation. The presence of assertive Christian schools and colleges across the Nation will go a long way to reversing the intimidation that has driven Christians from the public square.

The greatest Counter-Revolutionary move however, will be the de-legitimization of same-sex marriage. Trump, who has spent too much time in the Show-biz world and in the Big City cess-pits has called SSM settled law. It is actually imposed law and illegitimate but we realistically do not expect Trump to tackle this issue as a priority. A renewed climate of morality will take time to create.

This is why we are not too alarmed by his Secretary of State pick. Tillerson was instrumental, like many other CEO’s, in promoting homosexuals in the Boy Scouts. Perhaps he hoped to earn the favor of a Government that was becoming all-powerful in the economy. But he will need watching! In the meantime he is probably a good pick to advance Trump’s major commitment to bringing back jobs.

Trump has picked several very traditional Christians, surely more than a Bush or Kasich Presidency would have dared, and so far he is carving out a Counter-Revolutionary path for his Administration.

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