MSM Conceals Anti-Terror Rally in London

All our website visitors are aware that the Mainstream Media purges the news, doctors the news and conceals the news. Those who come here regularly will also know why the ‘news’ in the MSM is not news at all, but propaganda in pursuit of an agenda that serves the Ruling Media Class and its Far-Left allies. Here we also explain the agenda!

In the UK, as in most European and European-based countries, the MSM is just as controlled for propaganda purposes, and by more or less an identical Ruling Class and an identical agenda. The USA and the UK have different histories, different cultures and different laws, but the results are roughly the same. The UK and its native people, however, are further down the road of self-destruction by internal enemies and mass immigration.

The UK’s MSM, politically dominated by the tax-funded BBC and the Guardian newspaper (both infested with perverts), presents a picture to the world of a nation wholly reconciled with multi-racialism, multi-culturalism and Islamic invasion.

There is some truth to this picture, for the British people are unarmed, have no constitutional right to free speech, and long ago abandoned traditional Christianity. Resistance to cultural, racial and religious invasion has been largely criminalized, and the small band of heroic British National Party members constantly court unemployment, police and MSM persecution and officially-sanctioned Far-Left violence.

Nevertheless, and despite lacking charismatic leadership and funds, the BNP does its best to speak for the native people and rational policies.

One of its public services is to maintain a website that often reveals real news. I implore all our Broad Right supporters to visit the BNP website today ( to see video and pictures of an anti-Muslim-terror rally that occurred in central London yesterday.

This rally was organized by a sudden grass-roots organization which calls itself the ‘Football Lads Alliance’. It attracted literally thousands of energetic soccer supporters. Tune in and see for yourself! The American MSM, which will report a rally of 4 cross-dressing perverts in Moscow, will conceal this stunning expression of normal people.

The speakers and attendees are not very educated and their speech is the typical new-cockney stuff that reveals the influence of a corrupted, TV-promoted, professional sport that deliberately both dumbs down and brainwashes those who take it seriously. But these men are offering resistance and we must take our comrades anywhere we find them.

The speakers, no doubt fearing arrest and prosecution, go out of their way to swear their acceptance of Muslim immigrants, and seek to draw a false distinction between Muslims and Muslims. I am sure, that off the record and in a back street, most of the protestors would like to see all immigration halted, many from certain countries sent packing, and an end to enforced multi-culturalism.

It is regrettable that this rally was not organized by the BNP and the party’s rational policies expounded, but the BNP has been rendered toxic by the forces of the Ruling Class. If Zuckerburg and the other new members of the Media Class get their way, the BNP website will soon be removed, and this one also!


In the Baptist church I regularly attend, this morning’s service began with the National Anthem. The Congregation faced the flag, right hand on heart and sang lustily. This included a very diverse crowd of citizens – Whites, Filipinos, Chinese, South Sea Islanders, Latinos and even a few Blacks. This is proof that traditional Christianity makes solid and patriotic citizens.

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