Islamic Imperialism, Barbarity And Intolerance

Here in the USA we have a President, his Cabinet and Administration intent on importing as many young Muslims into the USA and planting them in cadres in every State and city. Before he leaves office America will be host to a network of Trojan Horse Muslim strongholds.

On this website we have written many times about Obama’s motivation and described him as a crypto-Muslim. Unfortunately this precise description of him hasn’t spread beyond our website. He deserves a precise description as much as Mrs. Clinton deserves ‘Crooked Hillary’, for Americans need to be alerted to his treachery.

We are greatly alarmed that he and his Cabinet have been able to quietly put in place not only a colluding Administration and bureaucracy, but has found enablers all around the Nation, including charities and local governments. Congressional Republicans in Washington have failed to halt this treachery just as they have failed to halt Obama on a host of his outrageous actions. Our only hope is that Donald Trump’s so-far modest opposition to the Islamic invasion masks a much more determined and comprehensive policy once he is in the White House.

We must not delude ourselves about Islam’s Imperial ambition, its intolerance or its barbarity. We have speculated in past articles about the recent rebirth of Islamic Imperialism and pinpointed as multiple sparks, the foundation of the Jewish State of Israel in Palestine as a refuge for Europe’s stateless Jews, the military humiliations that Israel has heaped on surrounding Arab armies, and the extreme moral and cultural decadence that America (Hollywood and the Media Class) has exported to the Muslim world.

The barbarity and extreme intolerance that has surfaced with ISIS and the other military expressions of an awakened Islamic Imperialism, is buried deep in the religion. The surprise is that they all remained largely dormant for a century or more, considering that they lie at the heart of the religion and its instructions. The Koran is a brief work dedicated to the aggressive expansion of an intolerant and barbarous Islam and specific rules for an uncompromising lifestyle. It has only a slight similarity to the Old Testament and no similarity at all to the Gospels of the New Testament.

Christianity, thanks to the Protestant Reformation in Western Europe, placed great emphasis on the Gospels. The peaceful and humanitarian teachings of Christ have been the foundation of all that is best in Western civilization and its Nation States. The Roman Catholic and Eastern Churches eventually embraced their humanitarianism. Europe’s brutal civil wars that gave birth to its Nation States were the last expressions of officially-sanctioned barbarism in Christendom.

Cruelty, which unfortunately is part of the human nature, is only kept in check by a Gospel-based Christianity as a Nation’s foundation. Barbarism resurfaced in Europe as soon as anti-Christian, Darwinist, National Socialism, and Marxist, materialist Communism, replaced Christianity as many Nation States’ moral compass.

Obama’s apology trip to Japan this week is a reminder that barbarism was always alive and well in non-Christian Japan, for Japanese officially-sanctioned barbarism was equal to, perhaps worse than, anything practiced by Nazis and Communists. We can say that Christian America’s victory in the Second World War and America’s subsequent world domination has, until this revival of Islam, suppressed World barbarism. Obama and those he represents, intend to remove Christianity as America’s moral compass, and in Western Europe the same forces that brought Obama to power, are busy eliminating Christianity and its moral compass, and opening their borders to Islam.

If these new Revolutionary Ruling Classes and their political lackeys think that Islam can be integrated, harmlessly and peacefully absorbed into their societies, they are recklessly ignoring all the contemporary evidence from around the world. From the Middle East, through sub-Saharan Africa, through Indonesia, Malay and Thailand, to the Philippines, to Europe and the USA we see Islamic Imperialism on the march, intolerant and barbaric.

Obama, a man handicapped by a shallow education and no knowledge of history, can be forgiven for being ignorant of the shocking Japanese brutality of the 1930’s in China, and the expansion of it throughout South-East Asia from 1941. Knowledge of the indescribable cruelty the Japanese inflicted until Hiroshima and Nagasaki forced their surrender in 1945 is probably beyond his grade level. But he and his collaborators have to be aware of Islam’s re-awakened Imperialist ambitions, intolerance and heartless, insatiable barbarism. Importing it here reveals a deep-seated hatred of the American people and their Christian-inspired civilization.

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