Blacks Take a Back Seat to Muslims

It has always been the main topic of this website that the Mainstream Media (MSM) is a political force in its own right, representing the interests of the all-powerful Media Class. This Media Class, born in the 1970s, became America’s Ruling Class when its chosen candidate Barack Obama, at the head of its purged Democratic Party, captured complete political power in 2008.

Over the eight years of Obama’s reign, despite the loss of the House of Representatives to the Republican Party, the social and political revolutionary agenda of the Media Class was almost completed. The Republicans in Congress, individually and as a party, have increasingly lived in constant fear of the MSM and its awe-creating ability to destroy reputations and careers.

The MSM, with its vast resources can exhaustively investigate any Republican’s past life, and discover ‘crimes’ and inflate them into headlines and campaigns of personal destruction. Because of this power, Obama was able to govern by edict and rebuild the machinery of government with Leftists, unhindered by the Republican congress.

Two of the most powerful weapons in the MSM arsenal are accusations of ‘bigotry’ and ‘racism’. The first owes much of its effectiveness to years of the MSM’s propaganda through entertainment that has relentlessly chipped away at Christian moral standards. Traditional Christianity is top of the MSM list of the forces that stand in its way.

‘Racism’ as an accusation also owes much of its power to years of MSM propaganda via entertainment, but has extra effectiveness because of America’s history of slavery. Although slavery ended in 1865, the oppression of Black people continued in varying degrees and in various places for another 90 years.

The few who dare to discuss objectively the position of Black people in a predominantly non-Black environment might conclude that social and economic apartheid will likely never be ended because of factors that cannot be altered by changed attitudes. What is apparent is that eight years of Obama and his subtle racist policies have widened the divide between Blacks and the rest.

But apart from Obama’s deliberate fomentation of race conflict, the Media Class, its MSM, and its allies on the Far-Left, discovered the revolutionary political advantages of nurturing White guilt and pinning charges of ‘racism’ on opponents. One of the reasons the Media Class chose Obama as their Presidential candidate was that opponents could be charged in the MSM with ‘racism’.

On top of this, the Black population, if it could be more greatly energized to vote than other racial groups, would benefit the Ruling Class and its Far-Left allies by electing Democrat candidates. Consequently, before elections, the MSM ran campaigns to manufacture a narrative of Blacks as victims of White violence. It is a tribute to MSM powers of propaganda that this was in stark contrast to the facts.

One of the spin-offs of the MSM’s false narrative was the creation of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign, which not only nourishes a baseless sense of grievance among Blacks, but has since created an urban, highly politicized mob which is revolutionary.

However, the Media Class has no real interest in the welfare of Blacks, except for using them as political pawns. The revolutionary Far-Left has an interest in them, but only when as they can be used to further the ideology of Socialism. And so, as situations change, the MSM preoccupation with groups change.

Homosexuals and the interests of sexual deviants always ranked higher than Blacks in the MSM narrative, because the Media Class is dominated by sexual deviants. But now, the rise of Islamic Imperialism offers great opportunities for both the Media Class and its Far-Left allies.

The importation of Muslims into America and the United Kingdom will greatly increase the Balkanization of society and eliminate social cohesion even more, as well as consigning Christians and Whites to minority status. These are priorities for both the Media Class and its Far-Left allies.

The problem is that Muslims and their intolerance and terrorism are proving to be an increasingly hard sell to the American people. Donald Trump has provided a political voice of opposition to Muslim immigration.

The challenge for the Ruling Class and its MSM is to silence the opposition of Trump supporters. The MSM has no problem turning facts on their heads, causing Black victimization to take a back seat in favor of Muslim victimization in the MSM headlines. Suddenly, we are hearing nothing about police attacks on Blacks that were not long ago a daily news story. Now, the single assault on a Muslim in some American backstreet is news and evidence of bigotry, White violence, and the birth of a new victim group. Since such incidents are surprisingly rare (compared to the bloody Muslim attacks on others), the news is being imported from London, where a car driver struck some Muslims in what might have been simply an accident.

Expect many more headlines of violence against Muslims and a pause in the MSM stories of Black victimization.

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