Donald Trump. An Open Letter To Erick

It is always encouraging when someone from out there in the USA sends a supportive email to this website. So thanks, Erick, wherever you are. Presumably you share our view that America is now ruled by the Media Class in partnership with the Far Left, and that as a consequence we are suffering an incremental but very real Revolution.

Hopefully, you also share our belief that the moral Revolutionary agenda of the degenerate Media/Showbiz Class will be as fatal for our people as the internationalist, redistributionist policies of its Far Left allies. If so, you are a member of the Counter-revolution that we maintain unites – or should if we are to successfully resist – Americans who are Conservative, traditional Christians and Nationalists. We might call this three-sided triangle the ‘Broad Right’.

It is the view of this website that the Broad Right shares not only overlapping beliefs, but faces a shared fate if the Revolutionaries are allowed to complete their agenda. Revolutions, especially those that include the Far Left, reach into every aspect of a Nation’s life, searching out for elimination not only opposition, but potential opposition, reluctance, and detachment. The Far Left is totalitarian and we hold that America’s contemporary Far Left is as determined to root out with violence, Conservatism, Traditional Christianity and Nationalism as were Russia’s Bolsheviks and Stalin’s Communists.

The degenerate Ruling Media Class is comfortable with the totalitarian and redistributionist agenda of its Far Left partner, calculating (correctly) that all Socialist societies create and sustain a privileged clique, whose opulence is concealed from the impoverished masses by the censorship of communications. It also understands that its own unnatural degenerate moral agenda can only be imposed by a powerful government machinery. Under Socialism, children and young people can be brainwashed in public education even more efficiently than by the propaganda of the Mainstream Media (MSM).

If the degeneracy of same-sex marriage, imposed by a corrupted judiciary and reinforced by the Entertainment arm of the Media Class, was not enough to demonstrate we are being ruled by ideological Revolutionaries and sick libertines detached from the real world, the latest imposition of the transgender nonsense should warn us that human/animal sexual relationships is next on their agenda of ‘liberating progress’.

It is the tragedy of our time, and our vulnerability, that most Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists expose themselves to the MSM and its corrupting attractions and are unwittingly influenced, even as they increasingly recognize it has an agenda hostile to the Nation and their own best interests. We Counter-revolutionaries are divided by its insidious and clever propaganda.

On this website we could, given time and energy, describe how Conservatives are split between those who cleave to the land and Nature, and those who cleave to free markets and Libertarianism. We could rail against traditional Christians who opt out of the current political struggles and passively view their approaching persecution as ‘God’s Will’, or continue to demand America fund and defend Israel (Jews can take care of their own interests!) in accordance with Biblical prophesy. We could argue with evidence and contemporary realities that those American Nationalists who insist on European race and blood purity instead of loyalty to the Nation State as the litmus test, are handing the USA to the Internationalist enemy.

This brings us to Donald Trump and Erick’s contention that he has had enough of choosing between the lesser of evils in Presidential elections. We understand his feelings, for we held our noses when we voted for McCain, for Romney and for many Republicans in local elections. I nearly vomit when I vote for a Republican who accepts same-sex marriage, but my opting out will hand office to a Democrat who will soon be pushing public acceptance of man/dog marriage.

The context of this approaching Presidential election is that Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren if victorious, will complete America’s Revolution. The borders will be opened wider, the Muslim invasion will intensify, we will be disarmed, and the remnants of freedom of speech and free association will be erased. And those are only the headline issues! There will be no going back, no opportunities for a revival of Conservatism, traditional Christianity or the Nation State.

Trump is not a lesser of evils. His agenda is not remotely evil. It is Nationalist, though certainly not a very ideological and coherent Nationalism. It is seemingly just gut Nationalism, though we think he may reveal a more comprehensive Nationalism once he is President. We hope he will be radicalized and educated by his brutal election experiences and encouraged by his army of supporters who very definitely are American Nationalists.

We are lucky to have Donald Trump, even with all the petty character flaws that the MSM, the Internationalists and the Republican Party traitors are magnifying, whilst ignoring the character flaws of a life-long crook. He loves his country. He has abandoned a comfortable and safe life for himself and his family and probably fatally wounded his business empire, by enraging the Far Left fanatics, the Internationalists of Big Business, the violent Mexican irredentists and the unforgiving murderers of Islam.

Trump has mobilized a large segment of the American working class, defied political correctness like no other public figure, refused to retreat or bend when all others have groveled, and is still carrying our torch. We could wish he was more articulate, more ideological, less impulsive when speaking in public, that his private life had been more blameless, that his business dealings had been more cautious, and that he be less self-promoting and bombastic. But we see nothing dangerous in his character and ambitions, nothing calculating or sinister in his political agenda, just a too-simple love of country.

His character and political agenda are in stark contrast to those of his opponents, and he deserves the full support of all Conservatives, Traditional Christians and Nationalists.

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Well said!

I agree with most of what’s said in the article: the MSM controls much and gives Trump unfair treatment; the liberal establishment is firmly anti-Trump and set against him; I do believe Trump cares about his country (unlike Hillary); etc. etc. Regardless of the emotions I feel for and/or about Trump, I must look at his policies and ideas. Outside of his illegal immigration and military stance, he shares more ideology with Hillary Clinton than differing from her. Everything from progressive taxation, eminent domain, federal regulations, more state controls, wealth-redistribution (corporate welfare), etc., he is for all of these, just… Read more »
Erick, you would be foolish to walk away simply because Trump does not meet ALL your requirements as a conservative. If I were you, I would disregard that term, “conservative”. It has become meaningless, especially in the hands of neocons and a hostile media who are always trying to redefine it anyway. Look at it this way: no Republican since Richard Nixon has been as hated by liberals. And that tells you something. Liberals are in terror of what Trump might do to their precious crony capitalist/government initiatives. They are horrified that the US will alter its relationship to the… Read more »
Your mistake is thinking Trump is a conservative or any other term that’s befitting of a right-wing philosophy. Again, research his past and present comments. HE DOES NOT SHARE A RIGHT-WING PHILOSOPHY OF ANY SORT. Not conservative, not libertarian, not even moderate right. You are voting for a liberal. That is foolish. The Democrat Party went through the same mess that the Republican Party is going through now. The liberals/progressives infiltrated the Democrat Party during the late 1800’s and gained much control of it during the early 1900’s. That is why Woodrow Wilson (Progressive), FDR (Progressive), et. al. was allowed… Read more »
If you have no problem with allowing Hillary Clinton taking charge of the next three to five supreme court justice appointments, then stay home. Mr. Trump has already floated a list of solid, constitutionalist justices who he wants to appoint. No recognized conservative has disputed their qualifications. But go ahead and stay home. By the end of another eight years of open borders, it will be impossible to elect another Republican president once these new immigrants begin voting Democrat, which they assuredly will. In other words, once Hillary finishes another eight years, your most cherished “conservative” hopes will be dead… Read more »