Nationalism, Conservatism and Christianity Must Hang Together

I think the last part of that old piece of wisdom, is ‘or hang separately’.

I have intended for some time to write on this topic and an encouraging email from a new website visitor ‘Massie’ prompted me to get on with it.

It has long been one of the themes of this website that Nationalism, Conservatism and (Bible-based) Christianity are logically overlapping and inter-dependent. Enemies of the Left have no doubt about this for they identify all three as ‘Rightwing’ and increasingly label all of them as ‘Nazi’, ‘Fascist’, ‘Far Right’, ‘bigoted’, ‘reactionary’, ‘hate-filled’ and so dangerous as to justify legal and violent suppression.

On this website we like anecdotal evidence and nothing is more anecdotal than drawing on one’s own life and experience.

I was an unhappy war-time boy and in my early teens was recruited into the British Trotskyist movement. For several years into adulthood, I studied Marxism, especially the Trotskyite version of it, Revolutionary history in general, and the Russian Revolution and its aftermath in particular. For a few years I was an active activist. I met many impressive people in the Trotskyite movement, which at that time really was a movement of (mostly poor) sincere working people.

Early marriage and the responsibilities of parenthood (the real road to maturity) helped to propel me intellectually to the Right, but so did a mortgage, the deaths of young British soldiers in Cyprus, three jobs to make ends meet and feed my kids, growing vegetables, memories of a childhood time in the good old Salvation Army, a family network of old-fashioned, hard-working, honest, morally-decent people shaped by the 1930’s and wartime service, a developing affection for walking in the countryside, personally knowing criminals and wasters I had grown up with, and general life experience among working people.

What completed my journey from Left to Right, from Socialism to the economic marketplace, from atheism to Religion, and from Internationalism to a non-racial Nationalism, was becoming a public service Social worker at a time when that job was being invaded and captured by Leftist, well-heeled products of the Universities.

My journey was interlaced all along the gradual way of maturing, by Conservatism, Religion and Nationalism. In the early days, the Conservatism dominated, then more gradually came the Religion (morality), and my Nationalism grew naturally out of the other two.

It is my experience of life, another and late-in-life experience of parenthood, and watching the disastrous decline of Great Britain and Western Europe, that without an underpinning of Bible-based Christianity and its commitment to real family and time-tested morality, Conservatism and Nationalism cannot survive. America was built on all three, just as I have been. I can only be a good father, husband and citizen if I incorporate all three into my life.

At the present time in Trump’s America, Nationalism has been brought into the front-line of our battle with those Revolutionary forces that seek to destroy a great Nation and its best people. But we overlook the anti-Christian forces at our peril, for they are as committed to our destruction as the Globalists. They are embedded in our new Ruling Class and their work can be seen in homosexual advancement, its related sado-masochism, transgenderism, corruption of the innocent young and all those things which will destroy a Nation from within.

When I listen to Michael Savage in his best moments, I feel he also correctly incorporates all three. Like Savage, and because I too incorporate all three, I care about the preservation of wild-life, the open spaces, agriculture, preserving places and things of history, oppose uncontrolled capitalism and oppose a pursuit of ‘progress’ and ‘materialism at any cost’. In my view, materialists and Libertarians have no place in the Broad Right.


    • It seems to me that we have also entered an “Era of Deception”. Finding the truth is becoming very difficult. It also seems liberalism has become an “identity” rather that just an ideology. Discussion with leftists are viewed as personal attacks, and therefore, any ability to compromise is thwarted.

      What happened? We are all guilty for taking our freedoms for granted, and not holding those in power accountable. Our religious leaders stopped preaching the Word of God, and promoted the social gospels. Like Europe, we have turned our backs to God, and a judgment is about to be rendered. The judgment?…..a loss our country as we know it.

      The current battle between good and evil has just started. Freedom is not free…silence is not an option.

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