Nationalism Is Marching Across America

Ted Cruz’s withdrawal last night, after his rout in Indiana, signaled to all clear-thinking Right-wingers the surrender of the Republican banner to Donald Trump and his Nationalist army. For those Conservative ‘purists’, and those Talk Show hosts who backed the wrong horse and still clung to the ‘contested Convention’ dream, the latest news that John Kasich is withdrawing, is the writing on the wall that cannot be ignored.

Barring a political earthquake or an assassination, Trump will enter Cleveland in July as the nominee and be crowned before the Party’s energized grass-roots. In the interim, the Republican Internationalists and their Globalist paymasters; the Congressional parasites in Washington; and those collaborating ‘experts’ who came out of the cupboard too soon and shut the door behind themselves, will do all they can in California and Oregon to paint a picture of a Republican Party fatally divided.

It was hard not to feel sorry for Cruz last night. His social Conservatism, though tainted by three decades and more of decadence pumped out by the Mainstream Media, and at least two decades of cultural Marxist propaganda in public education, is the nurturing soil for a healthy and strong Nation. Sadly, too many of America’s tatooed, pony tailed, ear-ringed, drug-addicted people, busy aping the Black underclass, have sunk too low to be reached by moral appeals and the lessons of history.

Pictures from the Trump rallies showed that a hard core of proud American workers – mostly in the South – had survived the cultural rot. Their enthusiasm and Trump’s refusal to bow to the MSM and political correctness, set in motion a movement of the suppressed. That movement has grown through each primary contest.

Cruz’s moral message fell on too many deaf ears, but Trump’s Nationalist message proved to be very relevant to a native people whose continued existence is threatened by a Revolutionary Fifth Columnist in the White House, mass immigration from a hungry Third World, and the deliberate infiltration of a bloodthirsty Islamic horde.

Ted Cruz had the wrong message for the times. Trump instinctively entered the primary contest identifying the issues that were pressing on working people -especially White working people, and history shows that it is working people who are needed when fighting is to be done. It is working people who have nothing to gain from betraying a Nation.

The same forces – Far Left ideology, self-hatred, and greedy self-interest – that have been betraying America, have been wreaking havoc in Europe. Nationalism is on the march in Europe too, but thanks to Donald Trump, American Nationalism is now leading the way. Trump may be only dimly aware of the significance of the movement he is leading -Western civilization no less – but every time his audience spontaneously chants “Build That Wall” it is reminding him that he has been called to defend the American Nation State and its citizens.

They must continue to chant “America First” and “Make America Great Again” so that he is constantly reminded that he is bound to them and that deal-making cannot involve concessions to the Revolutionaries and Internationalists.

Trump, if he is not to betray his people, must pick a VP who is committed to “America First” and never America second or third. He must not make the mistake Reagan made when he picked Bush to placate his opponents. And Trump must meet force with force when the Soros-funded rioters hit the streets. On the day he enters the White House he must be prepared to purge and replace the military leadership and sweep out the Revolutionaries in the Justice Department. He must immediately disband the Federal Education Department and restore education to the States. These are moves fundamental to his and America’s survival.

Much will now be made in the MSM and among the Republican collaborationists of Trump’s poor chances of victory over Clinton in November. Although the Republican establishment may now be in turmoil it is nothing to the turmoil now being experienced in the Ruling Class and its Democrat Party. Hillary’s defeat in Indiana was more devastating for them than that of Cruz and Kasich for the Republican leadership.

In Indiana, the Republican also-rans lost and were in a position to drop out of the race. In Indiana, the Democrat front-runner lost and cannot drop out. Indiana was a snap-shot of political fortunes at this time. How those fortunes were a month ago matters not a jot. The voters’ choices on Tuesday were like the taking of a person’s temperature. If one’s temperature is 106F today, it matters not at all that it was 98F last week! The MSM will attempt to focus us all on the Republican upheavals by searching for a dangerous temperature, but the Ruling Class will be fully aware that it is Mrs. Clinton who has the dangerous temperature.


Bret Stephens, one of the Wall Street Journal’s Gang of Four and a man who constantly espouses ‘Israel First’, yesterday attacked Trump’s policy of “America First’ as “the inevitable outcome of the Republican descent into populism”. Israel First, for Mr. Stephens, is not a descent into Jewish populism or a betrayal of this country. But to put America and its workers first is a descent. He then digs back into the late 1930’s to associate this policy with the America First Committee and air pioneer and hero Charles Lindbergh, who feared America’s embroilment in the approaching European war. Those who wanted young Americans to spill their blood abroad smeared and vilified opponents with the word ’Isolationist’. In the event America was attacked and entered the war out of self-interest. Stephens sees all American politics of today through the lens of a Jew reliving Hitler’s rise to power.

Mr. Stephens views the Republican’s capture of the House and Senate as a tribute to the skills and leadership of Boehner and McConnell. Republican voters should be satisfied with this, as he is. Stephens, you see, is not unhappy with the stealthy advance of the Far Left Revolution. Same-sex marriage, the transgender nonsense, the persecution and marginalization of Christians, the swamping of White America, the suppression of free speech and traditional beliefs, the loss of industrial jobs and America’s march to a new world order, bother him not at all. That the Republican capture of Congress offered no resistance to Obama’s Revolution is fine with him. Only Obama’s financial recklessness offends him. As long as Wall Street prospers, his job is safe and well-rewarded, and Israel is safe, he believes everyone should adapt to change or drown. But oh how he fears that Nationalism!

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