Trump and the Rise of Nationalism

This website, written jointly by Radical and Right, continues with the mission with which it began some 11 years ago; namely, the unmasking of the Media Class and the Media Class’ revolutionary goal of taking all power and remaking America in its own image. At the beginning, revealing the existence of the Media Class and its potential was a lonely endeavor. This was because the Media Class, which was never a conspiracy but a combination united by luck and self-interest, proceeded by stealth. Our prediction of the emergence of a Ruling Class (with an agenda that had to be truly revolutionary) was especially uncomfortable in a Nation that prided itself on the absence of “class.” The whole notion of “class” was considered to be, like Karl Marx, foreign and European.

Most Americans in the year 2000, unlike Europeans, considered themselves to be classless and all (other than small minorities of Ivy League intellectuals and fringe urban discontents) united behind their Nation, its Founders, its flag, its Constitution, its military, its legal framework and yes, even its statues. In the days after 9/11, when the Stars and Stripes were to be seen everywhere, the USA certainly looked like a united, classless Nation, and anyone who suggested otherwise was out of touch with reality.

Who now, on the Right, would dispute that a Revolution is engulfing the USA, that a Ruling Class (wrongly called the “Deep State”) is everywhere and extremely powerful, and that a brazen Media Class is throttling Americans’ Constitutional right to free speech?

Until the 2008 election campaign, this website described itself as “conservative,” and its mission included resisting any but the slowest evolutionary societal change. In the face of a newly-formed Ruling Class pursuing revolutionary change, we considered ourselves “counter-revolutionary.” This was especially appropriate, since the new Ruling Class was dominated and driven by all those traits and appetites which destroy a healthy body. Such traits and appetites have been rejected and resisted throughout more than 2000 years of civilization.

But in 2016, the unlikely person of Donald Trump introduced nationalism and placed it – albeit in non-ideological clothing – at the center of his campaign for the presidency. In doing so, he unwittingly destroyed the electoral menu set by the still-stealthy Ruling Media Class and its globalist/socialist allies. Up to that point, the new Ruling Class and its allies expected to place Hillary Clinton in the White House and control Congress – aided and abetted by a Republican Party of Washington insiders and opportunists – in the final and irreversible implementation of a covert revolution.

Donald Trump was not endowed with the abilities to change the course of world politics. He became the lightning conductor of a powerful force that had been denied a legitimate voice – nationalism. This website immediately endorsed Trump because we recognized that nationalism and conservatism must march in tandem when revolution threatens. A nation which wishes to remain strong must reject all those traits and appetites that characterize the Media Class and the global socialism that motivates its allies. It must also – and this is where nationalists must stand up to be counted – resist extreme individualism, consumerism, soulless materialism and cultural degradation.

We will finish this article with observations that will be too uncomfortable for many nationalists, who complain that elections are being lost because of an invasion of immigrants and an increased birthrate among minorities. These nationalists are perplexed by the voting choices of educated White and Asian women in the suburbs, and especially by screaming, raging White females on the front lines of BLM protests.

Many Whites and Asians – young and middle-aged – walk dogs, nurse them, and push them in strollers, and on the few occasions when these Whites and Asians have a child or two, none seem to have more than two or even grandchildren. This shift of focus from family – children within marriage – to materialism is a significant cultural change that is bound to have unintended consequences, while beauty shops, nail parlors and tattoo artists all do good business but church attendance declines.

How many prosperous White and Asian men do their own yardwork? Instead Mexican men do their yardwork, and Mexican women clean their houses. Yet they still find time to have children and multiply, and despite daily hardships, they are neither discontented nor filled with rage.

Ponder this and ask what needs to be changed before America’s Middle Class is outvoted and then outgunned.

We will return to these topics in a future article.


  1. I just discovered this gem of a blog. I’d like to defend the concept of conspiracy however:
    “…the Media Class, which was never a conspiracy…”
    Probably their common indoctrination doesn’t even require self-awareness. (Arguably at odds with it.) But from the first, the subversion of the education system has itself been a revolutionary project for many decades.
    In terms of financial ownership and executive, the oligarchs are too few and too close in identification. In practice, the newsmen’s coordination of narrative is far too tidy. Even if the origin was organic – which it is not – they have recognized their common project by now.
    Of course it’s conspiracy. A perfect example.

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