Did Le Pen Fail? Has Nationalism Peaked?

Today, the globalists are not just breathing sighs of relief, but are rejoicing. The Wall Street Journal’s headline “Macron Cruises to French Victory” reveals their jubilation.

Certainly Macron’s 66% share of the votes to Le Pen’s 34% can be described as a cruise, and the triumph of internationalism over nationalism, for Le Pen’s National Front is a truly nationalist party, even though she has attempted to create a moderate image and thus placate the Mainstream Media’s accusation of ‘extremism’.

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On this website, we never expected Le Pen to win, for emerging Nationalist parties in Western Europe and North America are challenging powerful and wealthy economic elites that are reinforced by the rise of the Media Class.

As a consequence of the Media Class activity over decades, its monopoly exercised on news and entertainment has resulted in the moral enslavement and manipulations of whole nations.

Here in the USA, where the moderate Nationalist Donald Trump challenged the ruling Media Class Alliance of the Far-Left and globalists, members of the Broad Right (Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists) have discovered that the MSM is a powerful political force and that, under its cover of propaganda and brain-washing entertainment, the machinery of a democratic state has been infiltrated, penetrated, and corrupted—with voters reduced to turkeys welcoming Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Although caution must always be exercised when comparing the forces at work in any two Nation States, there are great similarities between the challenges facing Nationalism in France and the USA.

The willingness of a majority of French people to vote against a party that wants to save them from the invasion of murderous Islamic Imperialists, reveals that the turkey mentality has been nurtured by a long process of propaganda.

To put Le Pen’s performance in context, we must bear in mind that in the aftermath of the Second World War, the Far Left, the emerging Media Class, and the globalists (a powerful alliance) have been working for decades to dismantle and discredit the Nation States. Anyone who seeks to defend a national culture, protect national borders, Christianity, and racial identity risks being smeared with the crimes of Adolf Hitler. Decades of MSM brain-washing and Leftist-dominated education have made this charge deadly, especially when it is parroted by the celebrity idols of the TV-brainwashed young.

Even more context reveals that Nationalism has recently erupted in Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Scandinavia, and triumphed in Poland and Hungary. We can add the UK (Brexit) and the USA (Trump’s victory), where a moderate form of nationalism has gained a foothold.

Many nationalist election successes in Western Europe have been made within election processes that throw up many parties and the equivalent of American primary contests. Nationalist parties have made their initial advances against a divided Ruling Class and its propaganda weapons.

In the ‘finals’ as in France on Sunday, the surviving party or candidate of the Ruling Class, has benefitted from the support of the MSM, celebrities, the machinery of State, MSM fear-mongering, and the votes of immigrants.

The French National Front’s 34% on Sunday is actually a consolidation of its support over three Presidential contests. In the final, Marine Le Pen faced the full force of powerful interests and held the support (if we subtract the votes of immigrants) of probably 40% of the real French people. Not bad going for a genuine Nationalist!

She might have done even better if she had been a Broad Right candidate identifying with the traditional Christian culture, real marriage, the defense of Christianity, and a rejection of national socialist economics.

The threat of Islamic Imperialism will continue to grow in France, both by violence and birth rates. Unless Islam is confronted on the streets, and a Christian nation begins to reclaim real marriage and reproduction, the French are doomed. Macron will lead the march of turkeys.

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