BNP Gains Support in Essex and Lancashire

The British National Party is one of the few right-wing, anti-immigration parties in the United Kingdom. It has therefore been given the usual treatment by the MSM (Mainstream Media) and British Far-Left parties, especially the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats.

The BNP’s fight against the British Far-Left seemed to be going well from 2006-2011, when they gained more than 50 council seats. Later divisions in the party and MSM attacks caused the party’s decline, which continued when Adam Walker took control of the party in 2014. UKIP’s successes (UKIP is called “right-wing populist” by the MSM) took the BNP’s following and kept the BNP from making any gains in British politics.

The recent collapse of UKIP in the May 2017 council elections may give room for smaller Nationalist parties like the BNP and the English Democrats to regain in next year’s British elections the seats they lost in 2010-11.

But the British National Party has continued to campaign in parts of the United Kingdom in the hope of winning back lost seats. John Rowe received 500 votes, or 12.1%, in the May 2017 council elections for Nelson East County Council. According to the Lancashire Post, BNP candidate Brian Parker received 719 votes, or 25.6%, in Pendle Central.*

The BNP also campaigned in Essex, but they did not receive the same support there as they did in the 2009 council elections. Instead of supporting a candidate in each council position, they were only able to support a few candidates for the whole district. These received a total of 847 votes, the best of which was in Heybridge & Tollesbury, where BNP candidate Richard Perry received 422 votes, or 8.2% of the vote. This was a 3.6% gain for the BNP in the district.

These results will be an encouragement to the BNP, for they show that there is still some support for Nationalist groups who are united against the Far-Left.

*The BNP pamphlet in support of Brian Parker and John Rowe can be found on the BNP website, or by clicking here. Its endorsement of the two BNP candidates can be found on the second page of the PDF.

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