Far Right Blowhards

It is now little more than 60 days until the voters of America make the choice between Trump and Biden. At the same time, almost all will also be making the choice between Republican and Democrat candidates for Congress.

Before every Presidential election, media commentators and scribblers claim it is the most important ever as they work to generate voter interest. This time, for those Americans who have not lost their minds to the MSM, and who have a stake in this country, it is beyond “most important”.

The overwhelming number of opinion polls that show Biden with an insurmountable lead are an arm of the awesome propaganda power of the Media Class and its powerful allies, but only a fool would assume that Trump and his timid Republican allies are in a strong position.

This website has predicted for much more than 11 years that a new Ruling Class, with a truly revolutionary agenda, has been assembling power in the legislature, the courts, and the government machinery. The 8 years of Obama’s stealthy corruption of government machinery and systematic dismantling of the Constitution, camouflaged from view by the Media’s control over news and information, was intended to cement the establishment of a new and permanently radicalized society with the election of Hillary Clinton in 2016, or with Biden now in 2020.

The bizarre intervention of the iconoclastic Donald Trump, and his nativist non-ideological mix of nationalism and conservatism, caught the new ruling class and its allies off guard.

As we predicted, the patriotic impulses and energies in normal American people that his campaign and slim victory unleashed have, over four tumultuous years, transformed Donald Trump into a hero of the counter-revolution. It has also transformed the Republican Party at grassroots level into a vehicle of the working conservative American people. One major consequence has been the flushing out and open defection of those Republican globalists and office-holding careerists who prospered on collaboration with, and with piece-meal surrender to, the progressive forces.

In our view – and we are well aware of his personal flaws and many tactical mistakes – Trump is to America today what Churchill was to Britain in 1941. Fortunately for Churchill and the British people at that perilous time, the internal enemies of the nation were not in control of the means of mass communication and not embedded in government and the courts.

Few working people in Britain had reason to admire Churchill, who had most often acted against their interests. Few in politics had reason to warm towards a gadfly, maverick, sometimes-opportunist, who had flitted from party to party, and issue to issue, over the years. And few who knew him had reason to like a man who drank too much, was rude, bumptious and impulsive. But cometh the hour, cometh the man. The British people in 1941 recognized that Churchill had the desperately-needed fighting spirit, was if nothing else, a true patriot, and was a dedicated opponent of continental totalitarianism.

It would have been easy (and no doubt there were some smart alecs even then) to hold forth while standing at some Home Counties pub/bar or Fenian debating club that Churchill was no different than all the other politicians, that he was a fraud, that he was in the pocket of the International Jews, that he was lining his own pockets, or that it would be of little consequence if Britain was over-run by the Axis powers, since everything in Britain was rotten and needed sweeping away.

Here in America as the weeks of Trump’s Presidency drain away, internet warriors on the Far Right are making the same criticisms of Trump and the changing Republican Party of his followers. From armchairs and computers, well away from the real political action, they scribble their attacks on the imperfections and shortcomings of Trump’s Presidency, dismiss resistance to the unfolding march to totalitarianism as futile, advocate defeat as a gateway to the racial and economic dismemberment of the United States (never producing a credible blueprint for this wishful thinking) and spouting racial and cultural purity in a country that was long ago condemned to be a challenging racial and cultural melting pot – for better or worse.

At least the anti-Trump renegades have jumped on the political stage, taken sides and joined the fight. Those on the Far Right who dismiss Trump and his followers as suckers at best and conmen at worst, do nothing but write to each other on grand-sounding websites. Why have they not put together a blueprint, organized a political party, contested elections and sought out the working people? Idealists are supposed to be fearless.

For the last few weeks, I have left the keyboard and joined a band of ordinary Americans on the sidewalk of a busy road junction. I had driven past some 50 of them standing on the opposite side to a small band of Leftists with rainbow flags and BLM banners. Their various Trump flags and banners were arousing a cacophony of horns, enthusiastic shouts and thumbs-up from passing motorists.

I am now part of that growing band and this week there were over 100 of us – and my wife and son have joined. Mostly, my comrades are white but there is a smattering of Black and Latino enthusiasts and a few who are hard to pigeonhole. Who cares, as conversations reveal we are all united in the defense of free speech and real freedom, gun rights, traditional America, support for the police and military, and most of all a belief that Donald Trump is one of us.

There are no wealthy businessmen, no privileged Harvard busybodies, no lesbians with dyed cropped hair and nose studs – they are on the other side of the junction and the police keep us separated – and no Far Right defeatists telling us we are being taken for suckers by Donald Trump. I guess they are too busy on their keyboards spreading defeatism.

I now feel it is a duty to rally with these Trump supporters, because they are good and brave ordinary Americans, and they are taking action. At a time when the Ruling Media Class and its allies have almost silenced us in the MSM and is purging us from social media, the streets, our car bumpers and our front yards must be where we assert our presence. By gathering publicly with our flags and banners, we are energizing each other while reassuring thousands of passing motorists that we are yet an undefeated army.

Fill your yard with Trump signs, plaster your car bumpers with stickers, and gather out on the streets with flags and banners!

Every act of resistance is worthwhile. Buy Goya, don’t buy Goodyear and never misuse the word “gay”.

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