Globalism On Trial Today In Holland

All members of America’s Broad Right should pay attention to the General Election taking place in Holland today. The result will have an effect, not only across Europe, but here in the USA, for Holland’s contemporary political conflict is all about those issues that can only be summarized as Nationalism versus Globalism.

As we always state here, the Mainstream Media cannot be trusted ever to tell the truth. That applies equally to Europe and North America, for the Media Class has become a Revolutionary political and social force with a distinct agenda in all Western Nations. Consequently and predictably, the same great conflicts are emerging at the same time in Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and the USA.

The Media Class is committed to Internationalism, to the sweeping away of Nation State borders in the Western World, to the criminalization of Bible-based Christianity, and to the elimination of the White race by mass immigration from the Third World. The Media Class carries with it a revolutionary agenda that can be compared to carrying a plague, and it always partners with the Far Left.

The reasons why such things are inevitable, are complex and not the subject of this article. Suffice to say that the Media Class pushes Globalism and is everywhere hostile to even the most moderate Nationalism. So what Americans are currently reading, seeing and hearing in the MSM about European politics cannot be trusted.

In Holland, the political Party led by Geert Wilders has from its founding, experienced the same continual government persecution and determined isolation from the mainstream Parties, that has been visited upon every Nationalist Party in the UK, France, Sweden, Greece and Germany.

Despite that Wilders, like France’s Le Pen, has succeeded in surviving and growing his Party, so that in today’s General Election, it may well emerge as the single biggest Party and the most popular. Because the collaborationist politicians of the other Parties will cast aside all differences and unite to form a government, Wilders will not become Prime Minister.

He has however entered this election by discarding the usual distracting issues of economics, taxes, inflation and garbage collection, and placed National identity, racial and cultural survival in the face of the invasion of Islamic Imperialism, at the center of his campaign.

The stark choice facing the Dutch electorate is between Nationalism and Globalism. Wilders has confronted Globalism by saying that Western civilization cannot be restored with someone else’s babies. Needless to say, the MSM in Holland and everywhere else has described this rational and accurate statement as ‘inflammatory’, racist, bigoted and dangerous. The whole force of Europe’s ruling class has been marshalled against Wilders, so he is not going to sweep into power.

However, if his Party gains significant votes, and better still emerges as the most popular, the Globalists, including those in America who are seeking to oust Donald Trump, will have suffered a great setback. Pay attention, tomorrow!

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