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Abdul Razak Ali Artan, Muslim: Some Plain Talking

One of the things that concerns my wife is how we are going to fund our son’s college education in a few years time when he will finish Christian school. We have long been saving in a college fund, but even if there is no stock market collapse, it will probably be quite inadequate. Personally, I am not sold on […]

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Republican Fifth Columnists. Goodbye And Good Riddance!

On Tuesday 25th October in the WSJ’s Opinion piece ‘Global View’ the sneering face of Bret ‘Israel First’ Stephens sat next to his article headed “My Former Republican Party”. Stephens, as we have repeatedly noted on this website, has been leading that little band of Wall Street Journal Fifth Columnists who, with their scribbling, have worked so hard to undermine […]

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President Trump Must Exact Retribution. No Forgiveness!

I am much more than ‘fed-up’ . I am much more than ‘angry’. I am seething with a permanent, passionate anger. I am sure that you who visit this website and bear daily witness to the blatant and unchallenged lawlessness of the Obama regime; to the outrageous propaganda of the Mainstream Media (MSM) and its endless attacks on our Donald […]

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WSJ Renews Trump All-Out Assault

The amnesty gang of renegade Republican office-seeking politicians has been relatively subdued for the last few weeks. Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins, the Bush family et al, have not been rushing to the microphones of the Mainstream Media to denounce Trump, presumably because they assumed he was lagging well behind in the opinion polls and […]

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Trump Marches To The White House

In our article of August 29th we predicted that Trump’s surprise appearance in Mexico, if followed by a tough immigration statement in Phoenix, would prove to be the point at which he staked his claim to the Presidency. Since his speech in Arizona was a masterpiece of delivery and content and even more proof of his steadfast character, we are […]

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Trump And Illegal Immigration

Was Trump flip-flopping when he spoke about illegal immigrants yesterday? The Mainstream Media and the Republican collaborators, eager to destroy the confidence of Trump’s supporter base, seized on one short inconclusive discussion he had with his audience, to scream ‘flip-flop’. On this website we have been putting Trump’s immigration credentials on the back-burner so now is the time to examine […]

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