Trump, the Unpredictable and Impulsive

Yesterday, I was compelled to write about Trump’s public criticisms of his own Attorney General. Like all those of the Broad Right who hitched their wagon to the Trump Train (what other train was there?), the tweets and the decisions of his Presidency are almost as fateful for me as the results of an MRI.

If Trump makes bad decisions, too much hangs in the balance to remain indifferent. The forces ranged against him (and us) are immensely powerful and the territory we hold is so small and vulnerable, that he has very little room for miscalculations. We need him to be smart as well as steadfast.

His continued public criticisms of Sessions – a good man and his own recent choice for AG – suggest he is prone to impulsive actions with bad consequences.

As we wrote yesterday, Sessions seems to lack the urgency, aggression, ruthlessness and charisma needed for these first fraught months of a counter-revolution. He is clearly not the right man for the job, but he was Trump’s choice and he is a decent man doing his best.

The only explanation for Trump’s public attacks is that behind closed doors he asked Sessions to resign and Sessions has resisted. This reflects badly on Sessions but Trump’s reaction has made a bad situation ten times worse – for Trump. Whereas with a little patience he could have included Sessions in a Cabinet reshuffle, he is now stuck with him and needs to make the best of a bad job.

Despite this evidence of impulsive tweeting and press statements, and poor man-management, Trump’s inspiring unpredictability was on show in Youngstown, Ohio, yesterday, where his demeanor and speech put him in a class of his own.

Before a giant audience of panting-for-action counter-revolutionary ordinary Americans, he reminded us why we must continue to fully support him. Unperturbed and strolling on to the stage, introducing a wife who impressed as a formidable woman, and then making an uncompromising Nationalist speech, Trump seemed to have become even more of a charismatic and determined leader for the Broad Right.

To cap it all, this morning he took the lead in turning back the homosexual advance that would destroy America’s military and – to the delight of our enemies both internal and external – further legitimize and normalize nonsense, fantasy, and mental illness.

This correct and brave decision on transgenders having no place in the military will no doubt have the Hollywood billionaire perverts and George Soros rushing to their fellow-perverts in the Federal Courts. It will also flush out the collaborators in the Republican Party. Already, the treacherous McCain has shown his hand but Joni Ernst (Iowa), Richard Shelby (Alabama) and Orrin Hatch (Utah) have outed themselves.

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