Trump Versus The Wall Street Journal

Once again, on this website we have been ahead of the game. When we singled out Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) for attack, many website visitors probably wondered who he was and why we should be concerned with him. We suspected way back in the primary campaign that the WSJ’s Gang of Four, led by Bret Israel First Stephens, were jointly promoting a campaign agenda and not merely expressing individual opinions.

We named the members of the Gang and pointed out that their frequent articles focusing on Trump were much more than criticisms. They were, from the beginning, no-holds-barred attacks intended to destroy his character and reputation as a person. The vile insinuations bore little relationship to the detail of the content. The articles – and there were many of them – mimicked the Far Left formula of ‘never mind the flimsy evidence, it is the seriousness of the charges that count’.

At first we assumed that the WSJ’s political editors were committed to Jeb Bush and family and greatly miffed that Trump so easily disposed of him and his heavily-funded campaign. But with Bush gone, the Gang of Four intensified its character attacks on Trump, with Stephens viciously setting the pace. What was so odd about this was that the Democrat Presidential candidate is the most character-deficient in modern American history.

As we have written recently on this website, Trump’s character blemishes pale into insignificance when compared to those of both Hillary Clinton and her husband. Americans who depend on the Mainstream Media (MSM) for information can be forgiven for not realizing that the Clinton’s are mired in scandal, massive deceit and criminality. Democrats and other Far Leftists make no secret of their belief that ends justify means, so Clinton crimes are outweighed by her political intentions. Most African-Americans view crime as an integral part of politics and those who exploit public office for gain and get away with it are to be admired.

But the political writers who make up the Gang of Four have long claimed to be Conservative Republicans, and they have to know as well as any of us, that the Clintons are massively character-deficient. One would expect that they would be appalled by the mere thought of the Clintons in the White House representing America to the world, whilst looting its treasury.

Never has there been a candidate with such a history of bare-faced lies. Never has there been a candidate who was being investigated by the FBI during the Presidential campaign. The Gang of Four has to know that the decision not to prosecute her was part of Obama’s lawless exercise of power. They have to know her email criminality has compromised National security. They have to know that she used her position as Secretary of State to get rich on foreign money. They have to know she organized the persecution of her husband’s sexual victims. They have to know that she is the most unprincipled woman ever to occupy the White House. They have to know that she hides from the public’s gaze and that the MSM is running her campaign solely on propaganda. They have to know that in comparison, Trump is a saint.

They also know that if elected, she will finish what Obama has been relentlessly working at, which is to cherry-pick the Constitution, ignoring most of it, pack the Courts, impose sexual deviancy with the full force of the law, and stifle free speech. They have to know that the wide open borders will transform American politics forever, deposit Islam in our midst and that there will be no way back. And just as they know all this, so do the other Republicans who are now providing the MSM with an endless chorus of desertions and surrenders.

In today’s WSJ, Bret ‘Israel First’ Stephens ramps up his treachery with an attack on Sean Hannity who he calls the right’s political huckster and compares unfavorably with Al Sharpton. He alleges that Hannity’s feeling for Mr. Trump “is the love that dares to speak its name”.

Describing the Republican Congressional leaders who failed to walk out even once when Obama acted illegitimately as “genuine Reaganites” he attempts to saddle Reagan with attachment to policies that today are anti-American. Yes, “pro-trade” was Reagan, and so is Trump, just not at the expense of America’s workers and tax-payers. “Pro-Nato” was Reagan but that was in the era of the Cold War and when the Western Democracies were cash-strapped. Times and circumstances have changed – and Stephens knows it! Reagan may have been tolerant of immigration but in his time America was not being swamped from the Third World and not with bloodthristy Islamic Imperialists.

“The only hope” writes Stephens, “is a blow-out Hillary Clinton victory”. Well, there we have it! This is what Stephens, the rest of the Gang of Four, his fellow editor Joseph Rago, and the owners of the WSJ want. And so do all those Republican deserters and collaborators who now provide daily anti-Trump headlines for the MSM. These American traitors know they have not the slightest chance of providing a candidate, but are intent on aiding the enemy by creating and magnifying division. Their ‘hope’ is a “Clinton blow-out victory” in November. They have now said it in plain English.

It is our belief that behind the scenes, Stephens and his Gang have long been working to create a Republican Party in Congress and in the Think Tanks and websites, that will provide the illusion of opposition to the Democrat’s anti-American Revolution, whilst surrendering on every battlefield.

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