Donald Trump. The Man And the MSM Caricature

A caricature is ‘a representation of a person exaggerating characteristic traits in a ludicrous way’.

The attacks on Donald Trump, sought out, purchased, assembled, re-arranged, embellished, packaged, disfigured, amplified, supplemented, orchestrated and delivered hourly by the Mainstream Media, transmit almost nothing about his activities and actions, and project a character with little resemblance to the flesh and blood man.

Honest reporting on Trump’s election campaign would have to begin with the exhausting program of public rallies he has maintained over many months, and in which he sandwiched a masterful Convention appearance and speech. The geographic scope of the rallies and their frequency, made possible by his private jet, must be record-breaking for a Presidential contest.

Even more record-breaking must be the size of the crowds at every venue. The largest venues appear to be insufficient to hold the numbers who congregate to hear him. The enthusiasm of the crowds is surely ‘amazing’ (to use a word much-employed by Trump himself) at this stage of a campaign. It is as if the American people – or a very large number of them – cannot get enough of him.

Many of the rallies have taken place in extreme weather – heavy rain, freezing cold and scorching heat. Despite the weather, the hordes have appeared. Undeterred by the knowledge that Far Left thugs might block access and use violence, they have come. Most must have known that not all will get admittance because of numbers, yet they have arrived insanely early, patiently joined long lines, and taken their chances.

It is probably true that many Trump supporters are angry people, yet they have been peaceful and law-abiding even when sorely and deliberately provoked by agitators and idle spongers. All Trump supporters must be aware that their presence in great numbers will not be recorded (like trees fall in the forest) and that they are truly a silenced, voiceless citizenry. Even more galling, they must know that the small gangs of agitators and spongers who goad them will be given the publicity that they are denied. Yet they come in record-breaking numbers!

We can be sure that for every able-bodied attendee, several more are too frail and lack the stamina required, to join the lines. Others may fear the aggression of protesters or be deterred by the MSM’s slanted reports of crowd violence. And this writer knows that all the foregoing is factually true because he has carefully watched rally after rally, as they happened, on the Internet.

No American who relies on the MSM for information will have the slightest knowledge of this incredible Trump campaign trail. The MSM, which has been present at every venue, has chosen to conceal its magnitude from the people. The same MSM has been present at all the Clinton campaign events and worked hard to conceal, by camera manipulation and false reporting, the stunning absence of crowds. Careful exploration of the Internet can reveal what the MSM is hiding about the uninspiring and unattended Clinton campaign.

One of the most significant aspects of a Presidential campaign at this stage of two contestants, is the on-the-ground response of the public. Honest and investigative reporting would regard comparisons as a prime requirement. There is no such reporting by the MSM because the facts are damaging to the agenda of the Media Class and its Far Left Allies. But it is not only the MSM reporters and editors who are propagandists. Peggy Noonan, Bret Stevens, Kimberley Strassel, George Will and all those ‘conservative’ commentators are just as determined to collude in this denial of facts.

There is no absence of knowledge about Donald Trump’s past. We all know about his history in business as a developer taking risks, his life in New York, his wooing of politicians of both Parties to get around red tape, and his three marriages and trophy wives. We know he is a man of his times and his environment. He has not lived and conducted his business all these years in the Christian communities of the South and mid-west, for he has lived in the Big League of the Big Apple. He has concealed nothing and we know the worst. He has not led a blameless life, but then neither have most of those Presidents of the past, who are now revered. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan and Johnson were adulterers. Kennedy and his brothers were amoral reprobates. Bill Clinton was worse! Only Truman was both effective and moral.

It is beyond dispute that Trump has mostly been a generous man, a loyal friend, a good employer, not a bad husband, and a good father. Despite the best efforts of the MSM and George Soros to find dirt in Trump’s past, it appears that he has raped no woman, is not a sodomite or desperate pervert of any kind, has no drink or drug problems, has nothing sordid in his medical history, never frequented bath-houses, or consorted with rich pedophiles. He has never, as far as we know, received psychiatric treatment or mixed with gangsters.

This writer, much experienced in working with criminals, child abusers, the mentally ill, neurotics, psychopaths and other liars, has observed and listened to hours of Trump holding unscripted, rambling conversations with his followers, and taking part in interviews and debates. He does not evade examination by hostile Media professionals and appears more than happy to talk spontaneously on the record. He has a good sense of humor, no problems with self-control and seems suitably relaxed as befits a person who has nothing to hide. In short, he impresses this writer as a normal, honest, smart, confident and genuinely patriotic American dedicating the last years of his life to doing good for his country.

It is difficult to understand how any objective person could conclude otherwise unless in possession of more facts. This writer, being dimly aware at the outset of Trump’s showbiz involvement, was negative about Trump when he announced his candidacy. True, his working experience is in business and not politics, but Eisenhower’s experience was in the military and he coped with the Presidency.

The looming election is between Trump on one hand, and Obama and the Clintons on the other. Whether we compare personal histories, work experience and achievements, or character, the differences are stunning. Can the MSM succeed in fooling voters into selecting the lying, scandal-ridden, American-hating gang of sociopaths for another four years?

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