Jill Stein – The Extremist

In yesterday’s article I wrote that the Green Movement had shown surprising stamina and durability in Europe and America. I intended to amplify that comment. But I was distracted by other aspects of the people who represent the ‘Greens’, and failed to dig deeper into this fringe movement. I concentrated on the vegetarians, peace-mongers, emotionally dysfunctional, doom-mongers, and I should have added, ‘tree-huggers’.

The Green Movement owes its durability in part because too many who call themselves ‘Conservative’ are only selectively conservative. A genuine conservative movement should be no place for those Free Marketeers and Libertarians who worship unlimited economic growth and its inevitable companion ‘uncontrolled change’. Genuine Conservatives also question the wisdom of unlimited individual freedom. Conservatives are wary of change that does not happen gradually, and look diligently for the wisdom contained in things that have survived the test of time.

Conservatives particularly look to preserve – as a priority – all the good things that have endured, and see themselves as guardians of the natural environment. In this they ought to be natural allies of Christians and Nationalists. True Conservatives are skeptical of ‘progress’, and enemies of Revolutionary change.

Unfortunately, the Right has become too much identified with growth for growth’s sake, expansion, and extreme individual freedom in business, technology, science and the environment. Politicians who say they are conservative often care nothing for the natural environment and well-tested human patterns of behavior. If a profit can be made, meadows and wild lands are concreted over to make way for ever more housing, parking lots and shopping malls.
Much more could be said on this but because Conservatism is betrayed, Green Parties that are not green at all but Socialist, have attracted naïve followers. It is sufficient to point out that no genuine Green Party would support the mass immigration that demands more ‘growth’.

However the main reason for the durability of the Green Movement is that its core harbors Revolutionaries for whom the Far Left mass Parties (Labour Party in the UK, Social Democrat Party in Germany, Democrat Party in the USA) are not Revolutionary enough. Not even Communist Parties are sufficiently dedicated to change for the Greens, and this is why the ideologues and activists of the Green Parties have carved out a separate niche for themselves.

The hard-core Green activists are more totalitarian than their rivals on the Left, for they would dictate the size of your apartment, its place next to a light rail station, how much water your toilet uses to flush, your diet and total consumption, your right to have children and just about everything else.

Look at MSM pictures of Jill Stein. Often they will show her surrounded by disheveled hippies and the kind of Greens I poked fun at earlier in this article. But Stein herself stands out as a carefully preserved and carefully sculpted woman. She is organized and dedicated to her political/social agenda and has been constantly searching for power.

Stein is also a brazen liar. The proof is in her repeated claims that she is not challenging the three State election results in pursuit of a personal/political agenda, but because she wants to test “the integrity” of the voting processes on behalf of the voters. This is so obviously dishonest it is laughable!

On this website we do not believe for one moment that Stein is acting on behalf of Hillary Clinton or the Democrat Party. She is not even acting on behalf of the Green Party, which seems to be distancing itself from her. She is acting on behalf of a fanatical Jill Stein, who after years on the political fringes, has grabbed at an opportunity to become the leader of the Left in its hour of desperation.

Stein’s new partnership with shadowy billionaires reeks of opportunism on both sides, but Stein is where she is because she is a genuine, dedicated and self-disciplined extremist. Her cultivated appearance is designed to conceal the fanaticism that drives her. It is why the desperate billionaires have singled her out for their own agenda.

The recent elections in Austria and Italy have been seen as evidence of the revival of Nationalism. Since we have to view them through the distorted lens of the MSM, it is difficult to make a good assessment of them. The Austrian result was welcomed with relief by America’s MSM, which was fearing a ‘Far Right’ victory.

The Left vote of 53% to 47% for the Nationalist was reported in one MSM rag as a ‘landslide’. No doubt the Austrian MSM exerted all its powers of propaganda, Austria’s Entertainment world denounced bigotry and Nazi influences, the political establishment used its mechanisms and the rich Internationalists of Europe supplied the funds to defeat the ‘Far Right’. Given this, it seems that the Nationalist candidate did rather well and that Nationalism is on the march. Since the 2nd World War ended, I expect the children of Austria have been bombarded with guilt.

In the recent Italian election, it seems that the establishment, pro-EU party took a beating, and we can be pleased about that. To read the American MSM one would think that anti-immigration sentiment played little or no part in voters’ minds. I would bet that immigration and Muslim refugees were uppermost in the minds of those who voted ‘Right’.

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