Brexit Or Englexit

As a native of the British Isles, let me begin by confessing that I am financially poorer this morning as a result of the result of the UK referendum. Despite that, and despite that I was wrong in my forecast on this website, I am delighted with the decision of the majority of the English and Welsh people to exit the EU.

Since today’s Internet and Mainstream Media are full of ‘experts’ giving their verdicts and making predictions, I will try to focus on those things most will deliberately ignore or simply not see.

It seems highly likely that Scotland’s leaders will demand another referendum and that a substantial majority of Scots will eventually vote to leave the UK and stay inside the EU. Both of Scotland’s main political Parties campaigned for ‘Remain’. The Parties I refer to are the Scottish Labour Party and the now-dominant Scottish Nationalist Party. Both are Far Left and the latter is a Nationalist Party in name only. The SNP ‘s only true Nationalist objective is separation from England. Apart from that it is little different from the SLP and is similarly extremely Socialist.

The Scottish Labour Party (SLP) has always until now opposed separation from the UK because it enjoyed the perks that came with being a large voting bloc in the UK’s Parliament. Since Scotland always voted solidly Labour, its Labour Members of Parliament enjoyed a disproportionate influence within the British Parliamentary Labour Party and held many high offices of State, including Prime Minister.

The SNP is a collection of impatient opportunists who were unwilling to work their way up through the ranks of the SLP. They realized that a Scottish Parliament offered the opportunity to be big Socialist fish in a smaller pond. The Scots have long overwhelmingly elected Socialists because they once prospered with industrialization, but coal-mining, shipbuilding, heavy engineering, railways and steel all suffered catastrophic decline in the great depression and again in the post-war years. Scottish agriculture is also a fight against the elements. Oil off the East coast briefly brought some prosperity in the 1970’s but is largely exhausted. Unemployment, ill health, welfare and government subsidies are at the bottom of Scotland’s commitment to Socialism.

One major consequence of Scotland’s future political separation from the UK, will be that the UK’s Labour Party will be permanently reduced to minority status, since England has consistently returned more Conservative MP’s to Westminster.

Most Welsh citizens voted for Brexit and thus for union with England outside the EU. England and Wales look to be permanently united but surprisingly, in Ulster the ‘Remain’ vote garnered a majority.

It was predictable that Ulster’s Catholic minority would vote for the EU. Catholics everywhere in the UK have always tended to be lukewarm in their patriotism to the British Nation State (this was reflected yet again with the ‘Remain’ votes in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow) but in Ulster the Catholics are fervently anti-British. The Protestant majority of Ulster citizens have long been the most loyal and patriotic of British citizens, so Ulster might have been expected to vote ‘Leave’.

There are two possible explanations why this did not happen. One is that the Protestants feared that the return of a border with Eire would re-ignite IRA terrorism sponsored from the South. The second is that the Ulster Protestants, repeatedly betrayed by English politicians, no longer care about the Union, and stayed away from the polls in significant numbers. Voting in Ulster was lower than elsewhere which supports this explanation for usually voting in Ulster is heavy.

The leaders of the Conservative Party (led by the treacherous Prime Minister Cameron) and the leaders of the Labour Party and the LibDems all supported ‘Remain’. Yet the White working classes of the North West, North East, East and West Midlands ignored the Labour Party’s call and voted ‘Leave‘. The White population of the rural and non-industrial small towns that usually vote Conservative, also ignored the leadership and voted ‘Leave’.

We can be sure that the motives of all who voted to leave were a combination of hostility to mass immigration, EU bureaucracy and waste, and ever-growing EU power. Probably, the latest influx of Muslims was the tipping point. How much fear and frustration have reignited deeper motives of patriotism we cannot know but there is now a chance that Nationalism will flourish. If it pushes aside the old Party political attachments it may be that a Nationalist Party will emerge uniting White workers with White country people, north and south east and west. And just a thought, it may be that the ‘Leave’ vote in some cities was bolstered by the votes of Hindus and Sikhs fearful of the arrival of Islam.

The stirrings of Nationalism in England and Wales will be the nightmare of Bret (Israel First) Stephens and all the Internationalists (Trump calls them ‘globalists‘) in the USA, especially if Nationalist movements in other European Nations are encouraged by England’s example.

Cameron has said he will now resign as Prime Minister, and certainly he could not be trusted to conduct the tough negotiations required to ensure that the UK gets a fair deal on its way out. It will probably take more than a year to unravel the cords that the EU have wound around the UK and during this time we can be sure the globalists will make every effort to set aside the people’s decision.

The immediate Stock Market and currency fluctuations are artificial because nothing economic has changed yet, and maybe need not in the future. However the UK’s exit vote may be enough to trigger a world economic collapse that has been building on money-printing, over-production and war-created chaos in the Middle East.

In the meantime, the Brexit victory will be a small encouragement to Trump supporters for the Brexit voters have much in common with Trump’s army.

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