‘Brexit’ Vote Overcame Poor Polling Places

George Wellor, Jr., bird’s-eye view from a young Nationalist

The recent Brexit vote seems to be doing only disaster in every step and its trace. From the United States of America to stock markets in Japan, people around the world are losing money – all  supposedly because of the EU Referendum results. “This is causing ‘hate’ on Muslims and Poles!” We continually hear such charges against the Brexit voters from MSM outlets from every place in Britain.

Prior to the vote outcome, the Wall Street Journal drew attention to the unusual arrangements for polling stations, “Polling stations have been set up across the 382 local counting offices in the U.K. Many stations are housed in typical places like schools and churches. But some polling stations reflect the beauty of the country like countryside inns and farms. And some stations are in unusual places like boxing gyms or residents’ garages.” The MSM is talking as if this way of voting in these polling places is almost a good thing. For, while hopes of remaining in the EU lasted, this reporting via the MSM gave the officials who counted the votes opportunities for more fiddling and less chance for leave voters. This is an example of what they said to help remain fiddle their way through the election.

The MSM and left-wing British political parties clearly saw these polling places an opportunity. For example, if a town in England has its polling station in a far-left person’s garage, that person may come out with very dishonest results. The MSM loves trusting people more and more when people can be trusted less and less – as long as the far-left benefits from it.

But the MSM has learned a lesson. Even methods of that sort will not work if enough people express their views. For many polling stations were held in normal places, and their results went through more honestly, outnumbering the dishonest polling places.

Such methods as dishonest polling places (and fiddling the vote) only work well when votes are very close and just a few thousand can change everything. The system in America makes this these types of fiddling easy, for fiddling one close state can be enough to choose who the next President will be. Referendums are different, though. In a referendum, the election system is ‘completely proportional’ – unless the vote is fiddled, as may well have been the case in Britain to an extent not large enough to guarantee a remain win. Therefore, a referendum is harder to falsify the outcome, for the votes themselves are counted and define the result.

Something else to notice with such polling places is the people who are about to vote or have just done so. One picture mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article quoted above shows a man walking out of the bus in which he just voted. It was a completely legal polling place, but was not normal – certainly not when you think of normal polling places: schools, civic centers, or any government-related buildings. But the person pictured seems to see nothing wrong with voting in such a place. Others quite normally vote in hair studios. These types of polling places seem to very much go against traditional polling places to us, but these voters seem to have no objection to such a polling place – in fact, the MSM has told them that the new thing is to go to such a place to vote, so the people probably think they are doing the latest thing.

Without the MSM, the people would have thought it ludicrous to be voting in these places, but they take the view that the media consists of too many ‘credible sources’ to ever possibly be wrong. The MSM continues to work on reshaping minds once again, and they will do anything to encourage the people of Britain to remain in the EU.

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