Trump Must Rebut Accusations

It should have been a disastrous week for Hillary Clinton, culminating in an appearance in Court. And it should have been a triumphant week for Donald Trump culminating in not having an official Democrat opponent. Unfortunately it was a bad week for Trump and for America.

Clinton emerging with a clean bill of health from the FBI and DOJ had become predictable several weeks ago. Once Obama made known his stance by confirming her innocence and endorsing her candidacy, there was no chance that any public official would step out of line. Obama, in his second term of office has acquired, without opposition, near-despotic powers and America has slid gently and relentlessly into the lawlessness of arbitrary law.

Despite Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress since 2014, Obama has been allowed to assume complete ownership of the Supreme Court and the Federal Courts, packed the DOJ with Far Left militants, appointed an Attorney General even more blatantly partisan and racist than her predecessor and has elevated himself above the political process, ruling by decree. He could have arranged for Mrs. Clinton and her husband to go to jail, but for reasons we can only surmise about, but which most certainly include self-interest and commitment to an agenda, he is orchestrating her occupancy of the White House in January 2017.

All of the above, including the surrender of the Republican Congress, and Obama’s Teflon suit, can be explained by the awesome power of the Mainstream Media propaganda machine which marches in lockstep and pursues an agenda. Obama has been its beneficiary. That MSM is now marching in lockstep to whitewash Hillary Clinton and tar and feather Donald Trump.

The twin Clinton scandals of email lawbreaking (isn’t deliberately ignoring the Government laws regarding official email, lawbreaking?) at the State Department, and the funding of the Clinton Foundation, have never been set out clearly before the average American voter. The MSM has frequently mentioned them as alleged but vague charges, whose evidence was yet to be produced. They were always presented as the work, not of MSM investigation, but of extreme political opponents.

Members of the Broad Right, who distrust the MSM and get their information from fringe-media sources, are aware of and disapprove of the Clinton’s lawbreaking and its seriousness, but they are a minority and a divided minority. They are more than matched in numbers by the members of the Broad Left, consisting of 90% of the Nation’s African Americans, more than 75% of the Nation’s Jews, Unionized Government employees, the young indoctrinated by public education and MSM culture, the elitist White Far Left, and the members of the Media Class. These groups, either from self-interest, fascination with amorality, or ideology, do not disapprove of the Clinton’s lawbreaking. Indeed many of them admire the boldness of the Clinton’s crimes and the brazenness of the Clinton denials, just as they admire and are inspired by Obama’s gloating lawlessness.

This leaves the Broad Apolitical Middle, made up of Americans who are busy working and raising families, or immersed in materialist and shallow pleasures, or are recent immigrants from totalitarian societies and naturally subservient to Government. Over all these groups the MSM has dominating influence.

Only an economic or other crisis will shake the Broad Middle people free from inertia. Although many on the Broad Right believe the American economy is in crisis and unemployment widespread, and that this is sufficient to ignite economic Nationalism, shake up the inert Broad Middle, and propel Donald Trump to the White House, the contemporary political scene indicates otherwise.

No doubt the American economy is skating over the thinnest ice, but Government-printed money continues to prevent the ice breaking. Everywhere we look, Americans of all ages and social strata are busy partying, purchasing, traveling, vacationing, Disneying, indulging their pets, and preening themselves, whilst their country borrows from foreign Nations. Few seem to be aware or care that it must all come to an end down the road.

Too many American people, having embraced materialism, and in exchange, wittingly ditched traditional, long-term values, assume that the party will go on for some time yet. They like things as they are and are not listening to doom-sayers. These people make up the Broad apolitical Middle, and being pre-occupied with pleasure, are happy to be misled about the state of their country and the quality of its leaders by the MSM. They are guided by propaganda!

Thanks entirely to the MSM Donald Trump has had a bad two weeks and is about to have more. As Mrs. Clinton walks away from indictment, confounding her enemies, Trump is branded an anti-Semite by the MSM on account of a six-pointed star in one of his political adverts. To the Broad Middle it appears that just as Mrs. Clinton has been a victim of false charges, Trump staggers from crisis to crisis, from misjudgment to misjudgment.

To those of us who look to Trump for rescue from Clinton, the baseless MSM charges of anti-Semitism are irritating and demoralizing, but there are other charges against Trump that are truly worrying. Holman Jenkins Jr. in the WSJ is making them again and they cannot be dismissed unless Trump confronts them. Jenkins is once again accusing Trump of impropriety with the veterans’ money, running his campaign on the cheap, and substituting spending his money on the campaign with “incendiary” tweets that get free but negative Media publicity. Not only is Trump not spending his own money on the campaign, but his remarks and policies are alienating those who could spend money supporting him, according to Jenkins.

Jenkins worst accusation is that Trump has never intended to spend his own money, is willing to gamble on getting the White House by ‘incendiary’ remarks, but knowing that this will probably fail is preparing the ground for a desertion in which he will blame the Republican Party.

Trump has recently told his followers that he raised $5.5m for the veterans and has disbursed it. If this is so, he should take legal action against Jenkins and clear his own name, for this is a very damaging accusation.

It appears to this writer that Trump has been spending his own money on huge rallies around the Nation, and an impressive army of organizers. But he is losing the propaganda war with the MSM by not spending big on advertising. He needs to lay to rest the Jenkins’ charge that he is campaigning on the cheap and unwilling to spend his own money, and if necessary he should enlist big donors to get the job done. There is no room for misjudgment in this war with the MSM.

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