USA at the Cross Roads In 8 Days

All American Presidential elections are billed as historic in their consequences, but for once this is true. On November 8 the political, cultural and moral divisions of the people will be exposed as never before, and either the Nation will pull back from the brink of disaster or confirm in office a regime determined to sever all links with its past.

Hillary Clinton is not a Revolutionary, merely a criminal willing to cash in on the Revolution for immense personal enrichment. But as President not only will she corrupt every corner of Government, but she will happily complete Obama’s work of transforming America into a Far Left totalitarian extension of a UN World Order.

Donald Trump as President will undoubtedly turn America back from the brink. How thoroughly he will “drain the swamp” of Washington criminality, and face down the Far Left, will depend, not on his resolution which is probably great, but on his ability to mobilize the energies of his followers and his willingness to speedily break up the Media cartel.

In the meantime, his election is anything but assured. As we live almost 8 years into an Obama regime that is simultaneously corrupt, lawless, powerful and incompletely Revolutionary, we cannot trust the information we receive. Government statistics on trade, output, employment, inflation, like the Opinion polls and announcements on climate change are more than suspect.

The unfolding events surrounding the FBI Director’s new investigation of Clinton and gang are shrouded in the mystery that always accompanies the actions of a lawless government. All but a tiny few in the inner circles of Government, can only speculate.

This morning Rush Limbaugh, the leading opposition interpreter of events, gave his version of the Comey move and also repeated an interpretation of a cynical friend, one which sounded superficially close to our own. It attributed Comey’s latest move to a devious Clinton plan aimed at refocusing public attention on a relatively stale email scandal thus distracting from the looming dangerous WikiLeaks.

Our interpretation differs fundamentally, for we do not believe that the Clinton gang have any influence over Comey and Loretta Lynch’s DOJ. We maintained yesterday that Obama was directing events primarily to protect himself. Today, as the Clinton camp and its allies unleashed their fury on Comey, accusing him of breaking the FBI/DOJ rules for political motives, Obama quietly stated that he had confidence in Comey’s action and motive. Significantly, Lynch has been silent. We see this as evidence that Comey acted on Obama’s orders and that Clinton has been hung out to dry – at least temporarily.

For certain, Obama would prefer Hillary Clinton elected, for Trump is a Counter-Revolutionary and wholly unacceptable to Obama’s Media Class masters and their allies. Obama probably calculates that the MSM will be able to win for Hillary. Failing that, a forced Hillary withdrawal will cause a Constitutional crisis enabling Obama to postpone the election.

This is not ‘politics as usual’, nor could it be in Revolutionary times. Once laws, conventions, traditions, and morality are set aside, criminality intrudes, ideology runs amok and anything is possible. This is America on the brink!

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