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Trump, Indiana And The Counter-Revolution

Those who read the real news on the Internet will be aware that the Obama regime, on behalf of the Ruling Class and its Far Left allies, is flat out to advance the Revolution before the end of 2016. From the $20 bill, to the rigged Supreme Court’s hearing of his amnesty edict, to the transgender/bathroom advance, to the Democrat […]

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Why Trump Is Winning Democrat States In Primaries

My 11 year-old son is way ahead of me where computers are concerned. He edits my articles for mistakes, transfers them from Word to the website, and picks the pictures. I am sure there are some Far Left and pervert visitors who will say that he writes them as well but my response is that they would be even better […]

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Trump Marches Into Wisconsin

The Opinion Polls all predict that Ted Cruz has a 10+% lead over Donald Trump, with Kasich trailing. No doubt the endorsement of Cruz by Governor Scott Walker has been a big boost for Cruz and an even bigger boost for the Republican establishment. Walker has won several tough contests in this Democrat-dominated State, and as Governor must have built […]

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