Trump, Indiana And The Counter-Revolution

Those who read the real news on the Internet will be aware that the Obama regime, on behalf of the Ruling Class and its Far Left allies, is flat out to advance the Revolution before the end of 2016. From the $20 bill, to the rigged Supreme Court’s hearing of his amnesty edict, to the transgender/bathroom advance, to the Democrat Virginia Governor’s edict granting the vote to 200,000 convicted Black criminals, America is being Revolutionized before our very eyes.

The stream of Revolutionary victories, unhindered by the Republican-dominated Congress, is becoming a flood. There is little we can do. The indisputable evidence is that a Revolutionary Ruling Class, having control of the Mainstream Media, has been able in just seven years to set aside the Constitution, ignore Congress, pack the Supreme Court and the Federal Courts with its activists, use Government agencies to make un-Constitutional laws at will, wage a successful war on Christians and other potential opposition forces, import Third World allies, and begin the process of squashing free speech and disarming the people.

There is no doubt that if a Democrat wins the White House in November, America will become in essence a one-Party Socialist State with a privileged Ruling Class. We have learned that a singular Constitution, a supposed separation of powers, an independent Supreme Court and a history of individual freedom, were no obstacles to a President and the Mainstream Media’s control of information and propaganda skills.

Ted Cruz’s campaign lauding the Constitution and Conservatism as a panacea is dangerously inadequate. There is no alternative to a resolute strongman of the Right winning the Presidency, denouncing the MSM and revealing its masters to the people, issuing edicts that will purge Government, Courts and the military, halt immigration, and resolutely confront with force the Far Left thugs who will attempt to save their Revolution by street violence and strikes.

Donald Trump is the best hope we have of restoring America’s pre-Revolutionary society. He is far from a perfect Nationalist but he is self-confident, unfettered from the old professional politician’s limitations, an achiever, a man of stamina, a patriot with no Bonapartist ambitions, and he possesses a unique ability to communicate with the ordinary hardworking people once he can by-pass the MSM and speak directly to them.

If Ted Cruz placed patriotism before ambition he would exit the primary, but as he is being encouraged by the wily Republican collaborators to continue, it is time for his supporters to desert him and rally to Trump. The approaching elections in the North East look likely to reinforce Trump’s delegate count but on May 3rd, Indiana could ensure that Trump has a victory beyond elitist manipulation in Ohio.

Despite the prevailing propaganda-driven message that Trump cannot beat Clinton, the latest Instagram Presidential poll shows Trump beating Clinton in a Head to Head contest 375 to 163. This poll may be wishful thinking but we believe that he will wipe the floor with her if he can overcome or side-step the MSM.

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