Why Trump Is Winning Democrat States In Primaries

My 11 year-old son is way ahead of me where computers are concerned. He edits my articles for mistakes, transfers them from Word to the website, and picks the pictures.

I am sure there are some Far Left and pervert visitors who will say that he writes them as well but my response is that they would be even better if he did! Not surprisingly, given his role and what he absorbs from the website content and discussions at home, he is a Donald Trump supporter. Nevertheless, I try to encourage him to be questioning about all things, including his father’s political views and the teaching he receives at his Christian school. Thinking critically is, thanks to public education and the Mainstream Media’s incessant propaganda, in decline.

Yesterday he told me he had the answer to why Donald Trump’s big wins have been in States that are run by Democrats. It was because the Republican activists in those States had no chance of gaining public office and therefore had no vested interest in defending, and entrenching the Republican hierarchy. In States that elect enough Republicans to office to run the government machinery, an elite of beneficiaries develops who don’t want change.

To be honest that last sentence has my wording, but I have retained his meaning. I think he is on to something. In States run by Republicans, a Ruling caste develops, there are jobs as a reward for Party connections and loyalty, and there are strong personal links to the House and Senate leaders. For the really ambitious, loyalty to the Party leadership will lead to graduation from State Congresses to the Washington Congress.

Since the rise of the Media Class with its power through the MSM to attack and destroy its Class enemies (Conservatives, Christians and Nationalists), the Republican Party elite in Washington’s Congress has been ever more willing to collaborate with the Revolutionary agenda of ‘progress’. Some Republican Congressmen and women are collaborationists simply because they are corrupted by daily exposure to the Washington liberal atmosphere and lifestyle. For others it is the inertia that comes from comfort and security. For a significant number it is the fear of MSM exposure to the folks back home about sampling the Washington fleshpots.

We can assume that the same process of collaboration develops to a lesser extent in Republican States, where elected politicians move to the State capital and where the locally-based MSM exerts much power of propaganda and blackmail. In the National context of a ‘progressive’ Ruling Class emerging and capturing government power, owning the means of mass communication, enjoying great wealth, offering tempting rewards of celebrity and Class membership, and having the power to destroy opponents, it is not surprising that grass root Republicans discover that the warriors they elected quickly lose the will to fight.

The entry of Obama into the White House marked the victory of the new Ruling Media Class. Since his ascension to the Presidency, he has cherry-picked the Constitution and ignored what is inconvenient for a Revolutionary agenda. He has purged the military leadership and is transforming its rank-and-file. He has begun packing the Supreme Court and Federal Courts with Revolutionaries, and intimidated or suborned others. Big Business has joined the social Revolution, its leaders driven by the same motives and processes that have created Republican collaborators. We should not be surprised that the Republicans in Congress have ‘rolled over’ in submission. The Republicans in Congress, even with majorities in both Houses, have refused to resist

Predictably, in 2014 there was a grass-roots rebellion and the Republican Party made many election gains but the Party in Washington has continued to collaborate. Maybe it is near impossible to roll back the Revolution through Congress, but in any case the Congressmen are not motivated to fight the Ruling Class.

The Revolution rolls on and it is clear that its agenda is nowhere near completion. The combination of MSM, wholly-politicized Government agencies, Big Business and Courts have imposed the ludicrous same-sex marriage and is now unrolling the preposterous transgender program intended to prepare Americans for the abandonment of facts and their subordination to ideology.

Anyone looking a year ahead can see that traditional Christianity is about to be declared grossly intolerant, un-Constitutional and unacceptable. The right to bear arms will be legally eliminated by degrees. Muslims and other indigestible populations will be imported to Balkanize the Nation. Opposition to official climate change policy will be criminalized, and signed acceptance of Revolutionary policies will be necessary in order to obtain employment with big companies, government and voluntary organizations. Small companies with ‘incorrect’ policies or politically recalcitrant employees will be deprived of contracts.

Fear of the above and more, has mobilized many on the Right. Donald Trump, a patriot who cannot be bought, and his Nationalist program of politically incorrect common sense, have set Congress and the old Republican Party to one side and commandeered the Counter Revolution. Understandably, those invested in Republican Party livelihoods, are hostile. In States where the Republican Party has few rewards to offer, the grass roots are flocking to the Nationalist standard of The Donald.

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