Obama’s Worst Legacy

Any incoming occupant of the White House after 8 years of Barack Obama was inheriting the worst Presidential legacy of all time. A $20 trillion national debt, an ObamaCare system designed to fail, a historically bloated Federal Government machine that had been corrupted by politicization, a southern border with an invitation sign to the world’s impoverished and criminal masses, a military that had been hugely depleted and morally tainted, a society whose racial divisions had been deliberately inflamed, and an international reputation for vacillation and betrayal.

Obama has been the most irresponsible, feckless, incompetent, lazy and dangerous President in America’s history, protected from immediate judgment only by courtesy of a Mainstream Media that shares and admires his faults.

It is possible that all his rivals, including Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, are breathing a collective sigh of relief, that Trump won the White House and a grand headache.

It has to be said that Donald Trump is proving to be a glutton for punishment – and not only from the disgusting MSM. So far he has been full of energy, optimism, self-confidence and focused. But a problem is emerging that will dwarf all the others that Obama bequeathed. North Korea.

Thanks to Obama’s reckless failure to address the problem of North Korea’s development of a nuclear arsenal and the means of delivery, a deranged madman whose little country is a lunatic asylum, is now able to threaten with devastation America’s Pacific allies, America’s West Coast cities, and much of the world.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is starting his political career with this problem and will be engaged in mustering America’s reluctant allies, attempting to read the minds of China’s inscrutable leaders, seeking diplomatic solutions and making threats. But in the end, it will be Trump’s decision whether or not to make a pre-emptive strike to take out North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and risk a major war with China.

This is assuming that the USA now has such a military capability. What is certain is that Pyongyang has not pursued its nuclear capability without a dangerous motive. And China has been complicit all along.

If Trump deems it to be in America’s best interests to strike, he will do so, for he is a patriot, a realist and a decision-taker. In such a situation, it is probable that most of the world’s leaders will breathe a sigh of relief – perhaps even China’s leaders – but few will express open support. And we can be sure that here in the USA, the MSM and the Far Left mobs will see an opportunity to bring down the Trump Presidency.

Music Choice

Mel Torme (vocal), George Shearing (piano), John Leitham (bass) and Donny Osbourne (drums) recorded “When Sunny Gets Blue” in 1987. The combination of the double-time feel on the drums, continual phrasing by Shearing, and Torme’s vocals make this version of a good tune an excellent one. Enjoy!

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