Trump Should Pull US Troops from Syria

This week’s US airstrikes on Syrian Government troops approaching al-Tanf are the consequence of retaining US special operations forces in the area bordering Jordan. The strikes were to protect some 500 U.S. special troops giving assistance to anti-Saddam forces and based at al-Tanf.

President Trump cannot be blamed for this half-hearted entanglement in the Syrian civil war, for he inherited it from Obama. At this point, Trump has no alternative but to protect U.S. troops using air power.

But when this intercession in the Syrian civil war is added to the April cruise missile attacks on a Syrian air base, we can be forgiven for suspecting that either war-happy generals are dictating policy, or Trump is willing to take on a serious military role in Syria in addition to the major roles already stretching US capabilities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There is an argument for continuing in the latter two conflicts, for withdrawal now would betray major Arab allies, undo costly gains, damage American credibility, and leave a vacuum for ISIS to exploit.

But in the Syrian civil war, we are involved in supporting an anti-government movement on behalf of dubious allies; the legitimate government is committed to destroying ISIS in Syria; and the Russians are already heavily involved in supporting the Syrian government. America’s continuing involvement risks a military confrontation with Russia.

What is America’s interest here, when we can leave it to the Russians and the Syrian government to deal with our common ISIS enemy?

Unfortunately, there is an obstacle to a sensible agreement between Trump and Putin that would be in America’s best interests. It is the wholly nefarious anti-Trump campaign being waged by the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Democrats, based on false allegations of a Trump/Putin traitorous collusion.

If Trump comes to an agreement with Putin that gives the Russians a free hand in Syria, it will be politically exploited at home to give credibility to the baseless charges that are now dragging down his Presidency.

These baseless charges are endangering America and inhibiting the President from dealing properly with foreign policy. Trump needs to take action against the MSM, for its lies and inventions are endangering American lives.

Climate Change Check

According to the weather forecasters, yesterday’s temperature here in an East Bay California town, was 93 degrees Fahrenheit. As it happened I was in several different parts of the town during the mid and late afternoon (when the temperature peaks) and it never passed 84F.

For the record, the temperature here has only reached 90F on one day since the 1st of April, and only been in the low 80’s on a few days. Otherwise this has been a cool Spring. Many days have been cold. No-one is complaining.

This weekend we might reach the 90F that has been forecast but there has not been the slightest evidence of global warming as a cool Spring follows a cold winter. Weather forecasting is now propaganda – just like everything else!

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