Kim Jong-un Is in Trump’s Cross-hairs

Several articles ago on this website we advised Trump-doubting members of the Broad Right to focus on North Korea. We argued that Syria and the missile attack was a diversion intended mainly to remind America’s enemies that a new sheriff was in town.

We stick to that assertion and suggest that the MOAB dropped in Afghanistan is another diversion combined with another demonstration of American firepower. We can be sure that Kim Jong-un is sleeping in a bunker.

We are paying attention to those American submarines and aircraft carriers that are reportedly heading to the Korean Peninsula. Where are they now? Kim must be wondering too!

Unfortunately, we have a Mainstream Media (MSM) that has no interest in discovering and delivering real news, only propaganda, inflated distractions and Nation-rotting perverted porn. A real news industry would be reporting events in South Korea, Japan and China. If I lived in South Korea, I would be paying close attention, and oscillating between worry and hope.

Incidentally, if I lived in Seattle I would also be worried, yet to date, I see nothing in the MSM other than concern for illegal immigrants and Dr. Dao.

Kim Jong-un must know that in order to live he must retain absolute power in North Korea and have a stockpile of nuclear weapons. As a formula, it is best expressed as LIFE = POWER = NUCLEAR WARHEADS. Given that formula, there is a very dangerous situation unfolding, now that America is no longer kicking the NK situation down the road.

Trump appears to be placing America’s bet on China exerting its power and control over Mr. Kim. Certainly, China has more to gain from partnership with America than saving Mr. Kim. It may be that China has agents in the Kim inner circle and army who can take him out. Or it could offer him sanctuary in Mongolia. But if not, I can see Mr. Kim going out with a bang, for he has only his life to lose.

The world’s ‘experts’ are constantly jabbering about ‘regime change’ in Syria, where another cruel dictator can only save his life by staying in power. But Assad has no nuclear weapons and he has never threatened to blow up the world.

Trump must know that only regime change in Pyongyang is acceptable to America and Japan. There is no parallel with Syria here. Can China enforce regime change? If not, Trump is going to have to take out Mr. Kim and probably many NK civilians by missile power.

Mr. Kim should not be under-estimated, for no nervous ninny gets to the top of the pile in such a regime. He is a ruthless gambler who has never exited the power game with his winnings. Fortunately, he has no friends in the world who can complicate the scenario now being played out. This will be some test for President Trump and President Xi. Let us hope they have thought things right through.

On this website, we would prefer to write about America’s civil war, but events on the Korean Peninsula are dwarfing our internal struggle. But it is worth pointing out that Trump is advancing the Counter-Revolution with many small but significant gains.

Here is one reported on Life Site News on April 11 by Peter LaBarbera. President Trump has appointed social conservative Roger Severino to head the Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Health and Human Services. Severino will work under Tom Price – another Trump appointee and social conservative. The perverts are furious!

Here is another! Trump signs law allowing States to stop funding Planned Parenthood. Give the man some credit!

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