US Marine In Iraq Provides Real News

When President Trump attempted to place controls on the entry of aliens from seven Middle East hotspots, not only did two lawless West Coast courts un-Constitutionally block his order, but the Mainstream Media, as one voice, denounced his decision as pointless, counter-productive and bigoted. Trump has gone back to the drawing board to draught new legislation, aliens from the seven countries have continued to enter the USA, and the MSM attacks on his initiative as pointless, have gone unanswered.

Many of us, including this writer, have been preoccupied with the Courts’ lawless decisions, and there have been no specific justifications put forward for his choice of the seven countries. Indeed, ‘Middle East experts’ have been quoted in the MSM dismissing concerns that any of the seven have a preponderance of dangerous anti-Americans. Predictably, the MSM has devoted no resources to such fact-checking, and if they did their ‘facts’ would be tailored to fit the narrative that Trump is a fool.

For those who look beyond the lying MSM however, highly relevant facts can be uncovered with little effort. There can be found on the Internet, film of a restrained and articulate American marine based in Iraq, repeating a conversation he has had with his Iraqi comrades. It reveals the deep hostility towards America and Americans felt by the average Iraqi, and which we are importing under the Obama immigration policies.

We implore our website visitors to view this film for themselves and then pass it on to every contact, for it provides the vital information that is being concealed from us by the MSM, politicized ‘experts’ and ‘do-gooders’. Unfortunately, even if you spread the message, tens of millions of Americans who rely on the MSM will remain ignorant, an outrageous reality. Those responsible must be punished after the civil war, which the Far Left will initiate and lose.

Just imagine the state of awareness of our Nation if similar pieces of film like this marine’s were regularly shown on television to the American people and revealing the activities of homosexuals in San Francisco, young Blacks in the streets of Chicago, Latino gangs in LA, abortionists in Planned Parenthood clinics, big hairy men in dresses entering womens’ bathrooms, and able-bodied welfare recipients smoking dope. The appropriate name for such stuff would be ‘reality TV’.

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