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Joseph Rago And Yellow Journalism

It is a measure of the desperation of America’s Internationalist camp when its most prestigious newspaper, the Wall Street Journal, stoops to Yellow Journalism. Wikipedia describes Yellow Journalism as “ a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines” and the sentence finishes with “to sell more newspapers”. The WSJ’s center pages, […]

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Brexit Poll This Week

On 23rd of this month (next Thursday), the citizens of the UK (and probably many thousands of non-citizens!) will cast ballots to decide whether the British Nation State survives or is finally absorbed into the German-dominated European Union. Many broad-Right Americans correctly view the coming November election as the USA’s last chance to halt the march to totalitarian Socialism and […]

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Trump Repels All Attacks

Tomorrow is an election day of primaries in West Virginia and Nebraska. In WV both Republican and Democrat voters head to the polling stations but independents can also participate and people can cross party lines. In Nebraska, as I understand it, only registered Republicans get to vote, not independents. Democrats have already had their election day. There is an intense […]

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Trump Has Exposed Revolutionary Fault-Line

First I would like to thank those website visitors who have posted us encouragement. It is rewarding to know that somewhere out there – maybe even in far off lands – there are free speech, liberty-loving, independent counter-revolutionaries whose views are reinforced and energized by this website and the Christian-skeptic, moderate Nationalist and common-sense Conservative who writes the articles. Mention […]

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