UK General Election Prediction

Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader Theresa May chose to call this general election because she saw that the opinion polls were favorable for her party. If the opinion polls had contained bad news or had indicated a risky outcome, she would not have embarked on an election at this time.

It is widely claimed that May is looking for a convincing victory and a bigger Parliamentary majority, in order to have a strong hand in the Brexit negotiations. There is some validity for this claim, but May had several reasons for her decisions, and favorable opinion polls was top of her list.

Americans need to understand that May became Prime Minister in much the same way that Lyndon Johnson became US President. In other words, she did not owe her promotion to the electorate. If her party wins a Parliamentary majority after today – and elects her leader – she will be a Prime Minister elected by the people. Well, not a majority of the electorate, for the Conservatives are unlikely to reach or pass 50%. But 40+% and a 10-point margin over the Labour Party (the main opposition party in Parliament) will be good enough.

According to the opinion polls, a 10% margin over the Labour Party looks likely, and this will almost certainly give the Conservatives a bigger overall majority in Parliament, enabling May to claim that she has a popular mandate and a grip on her MP’s.

What many commentators miss is that May will not be obliged to call a general election for another 5 years, and by-elections (even if lost), and a few defections, will not significantly reduce her majority. In other words, she will emerge more powerful within her Party.

Whether this will have much effect on how she negotiates Brexit or how the EU negotiators will treat the UK, is doubtful, in our view. In other words, we think May’s decision to call an election was all about staying in power.

It is possible that Corbyn’s Labour Party will emerge stronger, but under his Far-Left leadership – and Labour was already Far-Left – the party has been divided in Parliament. Corbyn is Britain’s Bernie Sanders, supported by the brain-washed young, academics and the immigrant vote.

Britain’s election outcomes are now much complicated by the rise of the Scottish Nationalist Party – a very Far-Left Party that is not at all ‘Nationalist’ and has destroyed the Labour Party’s longtime monopoly of Scotland.

Because of the multitude of small parties that now win a few seats in Parliament, no party ever wins with 51% or more of votes cast. Once upon a time, Labour and Conservatives fought it out, much like Republicans and Democrats compete here. Not any longer!

The only truly Nationalist party in this election is the BNP, which is contesting a mere ten seats and will be lucky to get more than a few hundred votes in each. How much this sad situation is due to oppressive laws, Far-Left thuggery, the MSM, the mistakes of former leader Nick Griffin, the uninspired leadership of the decent Adam Walker, and the stupidity and ignorant materialism of the British people is hard to say. The Brexit vote did not signal a revival of British pride, as Nationalist pride never flowers further than a multi-racial soccer team.

Theresa May is an opportunist, as is 90% of the Conservative Parliamentary Party and all its officials, but if she leads the UK out of the EU, she will have done something good.

The results on Friday may make our predictions look foolish, but if Corbyn’s Far, Far-Left Labour Party wins, the UK will follow London’s example and become Ukanistan.

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