The UK’s De-radicalization Program Nearly Came To The US

That brave opponent of Islamic Imperialism, Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, has been posting on the Internet news that all Broad Right Americans need to read and circulate. In the UK, a 14-year old school boy who voiced the opinions that Muslim women in his country should not cover their faces with an Iqab and that Islam is taking over his country, has been sentenced to attend a program of de-radicalization.

This news, even if the UK’s Mainstream Media (MSM) gives it headlined publicity (fat chance!), will not stir the British people, for they are too numbed by decades of MSM cultural brainwashing to be energized by anything other than multi-racial sports teams, tattoos and Pop music. Only the tiny British National Party (BNP) will risk persecution by voicing a protest.

You can forget the UKIP, even though Nigel Farage (who speaks well off the cuff and after a beer or two) supports Donald Trump. The Party he once fronted may have scraped a memorable Brexit victory but it is, in reality, an undisciplined shambles, only vaguely Nationalist, and incapable of inspiring a Counter Revolution, defending free speech, and opposing mass immigration. For the record, this website likes Farage and he is genuine and courageous, but he is incapable of building the kind of organization necessary to defeat the Left.

The only positive thing that can be said about UKIP is that it is better than the dangerously misnamed Conservative Party which currently governs the country. The laws that protect invading alien cultures and punish free speech, can be laid at the door of the Tories as much as at the door of the Socialists. Ever since the days of John Major, the Conservative Party has been the equivalent of the Bush/McCain/Graham Republican elite – i.e. complicit in selling out the native people for twenty pieces of silver and five minutes of favorable MSM publicity.

The UK’s Ruling Class/Far Left conspiracy of mass immigration was imposed upon an unarmed, ignorant and Godless, materialist native people by the simple formula of opening the borders, and peddling via MSM entertainment, indoctrination on the benefits of diversity. When the inevitable frictions between natives and colonizers began to occur, the Ruling Class political parties preserved law and order by denying the natives the right to protest. Once enough alien people are settled in, there is a rational argument for the State to prevent civil disorder by proscribing complaint, using political correctness, denouncing ‘hate speech’, and ultimately criminalizing it.

Concerning this latest UK episode which Rebecca Perring (*) has reported, Americans may wonder why the parents are allowing their son to be sent for ‘de-radicalization’. Three things can be said. The parents are probably divorced and therefore cannot speak with one voice. At least one of them, by absence from the home, has already put the boy’s interest second! The State’s prosecutors can and will if necessary, argue that this boy has not been properly educated by his parents so that he can take his place in a multi-cultural world. The parents can be painted as race-haters and bigots and not fit for parenting, unless they agree to the boy’s entry into the State’s re-education program. Failing their co-operation, the boy will be ‘placed in the care of the local authority’. The UK’s social workers, like their comrades in the US, will be only too willing to act.

If Hillary Clinton had been elected as our next President, the UK’s model of official multi culturalism and open borders, reinforced by PC speech codes and compulsory re-education, would have been forced on the American people. The much-vaunted Constitution of Mark Levin’s obsession, would have been no impediment. In some US States, judges have already forced ‘bigots’ into re-education to protect sodomites and invasive species.

Donald Trump’s election victory has postponed the evil day of Orwellian oppression here in the USA, but nothing is guaranteed. The Media Class will remain powerful unless its MSM is speedily dismantled, unless the DOJ, Federal Courts and Supreme Court are all purged of Far Leftists, unless immigration is reversed, and until Trump leads a full-blooded Counter-Revolution. Many Americans – and not just those in the Beverley Hills moral cess-pit, SF’s Castro, Silicon Valley, Academia and the Government bureaucracy, are yearning for the UK’s model.

We can only hope that Trump’s nominees will say whatever it takes to skate through the Senate Hearings, but will be unforgiving of our enemies when they take office.

*Note: the content on the mentioned website is not appropriate according to RadicalandRight’s standards.

Photo Credits: Muslim women wearing burkas, from the content on the mentioned website is not appropriate according to RadicalandRight’s standards.

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